Love Tanked: Best Worst Househusbands

Time to restore that loving feeling. It would be too boring to highlight the genuinely good partners on Real Housewives, not to mention difficult to summon to mind more than a handful. It’s much more fun to revisit the best of the worst. The sleazebags who manage to make their douchebaggery more entertaining than assaulting to the senses. The following men might be pieces of shit, but I sure enjoyed what they brought to their franchises.

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Love as we know it is dead

It’s a bleak world out there and it’s only getting bleaker.

What’s the point of looking for love in this world if Luann D’Agostino can’t make it work? I assume she will be reverting to the Countess as the title is returned to you if your new marriage doesn’t last a year. I think I read that in Class With the Countess: How to Live with Elegance and Flair, anyway.