The Round-Up: Acting Up

In which nobody’s exactly on their best behavior.

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RHOC Casting Gossip: Lydia Out; Meghan Stays; Gretchen Rossi Unsealed from Her Cursed Tomb After 10,000 Years to Plague Mankind???


The hits keep coming as Radar Online makes more grave predictions in the wake of Peggy Sulahian’s alleged firing. The latest victim? Lydia McLaughlin, who used her return to serve up a hot course of judgment, prudishness and gaslighting. Those who want to keep up with Lydia’s adventures will simply need to renew their subscription to Nobleman Magazine, the periodical for men who love getting hot shaves from dudes with hand tattoos of scissors.

Radar also insists that, contrary to previous scuttlebutt, Meghan King Edmonds will improbably return yet again. Radar claims that Meghan’s pregnancy announcement gave the producers no choice, which… I mean, I see choices there, but okay. For a frame of reference, if Meghan pulls this off, she’ll have been a Housewife longer than Brandi Glanville and tied with Yolanda Hadid. So let that sink in.

And last, and certainly least, and I hesitate to even type this because acknowledging it makes it known to the universe and as we all know, The Secret works: Radar claims that *takes two stiff shots of vodka in rapid succession* GRETCHEN is a potential returnee. For the record, I do not believe this means anything other than Gretchen was the one who sold the story to Radar Online (shades of “fan favourite Jill Zarin”). Still, we must all come to grips with the fact that Slade Smiley may yet outlive us all. Make peace with your god(s) now.

The OC Problem


Queen for an Episode: Orange County is cancelled indefinitely until this show gets its shit together. As of this moment, I don’t know how it’s going to happen. The beautiful methed out paradise of Orange County has turned into an unliveable hell. Lynne Curtin didn’t die for this.

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