Ranked: Housewife Signature Drinks

Alcohol is ever-present on the Real Housewives. It’s the fuel for most of the best confrontations and meltdowns and for that we give it our eternal thanks. This ranking is not a list of swill that the housewives shill, but rather the drinks we see them guzzling back that truly embody their character. Bottoms up.

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The Round-Up: See You in Court

In this week’s Round-Up, the former Bravo Z-listers are getting litigious, we’ve got a birthday in the house, and Phaedra is fine, really.

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Halloween Spooktacular: A Salute to Carlton Gebbia


It’s finally Halloween, witches! Tonight, a lot of people will settle in for their annual viewing of witchy cult classic The Craft. At Bitchy Witches HQ, our hearts belong to a different witch. Here’s our tribute to Carlton Gebbia.

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We Told You This Show Is High Art.

Her Highness the Duchess of Medley recently let us all know via Instagram of a gallery show dedicated entirely to portraits of the Housewives by artist Laura Collins. Because fate is kind, it turns out that the show is being held through November at Brooklyn’s THNK1994—a truly amazing and popcult-reverent space that more importantly is merely blocks away from my apartment. As United States bureau chief for Bitchy Witches International, I couldn’t not undertake that five minute trek. Below ye olde folde, behold a mere sampling of the æsthetic marvels.

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