Ranked: Housewife Signature Drinks

Alcohol is ever-present on the Real Housewives. It’s the fuel for most of the best confrontations and meltdowns and for that we give it our eternal thanks. This ranking is not a list of swill that the housewives shill, but rather the drinks we see them guzzling back that truly embody their character. Bottoms up.

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The Round-Up: Cast Away

It’s a play on words, you see, for we have casting news, and we also wish Bethenny Frankel would be deposited at long last on a desert isle.

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The Round-Up: See You in Court

In this week’s Round-Up, the former Bravo Z-listers are getting litigious, we’ve got a birthday in the house, and Phaedra is fine, really.

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Breaking Out: The Real Housewives of New York City – Kelly vs. Bethenny

Welcome back to Breaking Out, where I highlight game changing episodes from housewives franchises. As this holiday season kicks off I figured what better way to gift myself and our readers than dipping into RHONY’s archives? While season one of RHONY was a perfectly cromulent debut, the show really took off mid-season two when everyone realized that Kelly was completely sane and in the right and that big bully Bethenny was terrorizing her. Let’s reminisce, shall we?

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Best of Instagram: Kelly Killoren Bensimon

The social media accounts of the housewives are often a real treasure trove. Take for example, this video Kelly posted earlier today.

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