Yaaas Hunnies Shine It Up!!!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 4 dropped last night (well, early this morning for us Western Hemispherers). While we wait for a torrent legal method of viewing it, we fortunately have something truly amazing to tide us over: an unexpected Housewives single release. Go sub-fold to encounter Jackie Gillies’s answer to “Formation.”

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Halloween Spooktacular: Psychics and Mediums


If we’re counting off things these rich ladies love (in a plot twist surprising to no one, the true horror is privilege), we must acknowledge psychics. Truly, nothing says “bored with too much money” like paying a stranger to magically divine your future. But as we well know, on these cold autumn days, we must be careful when crossing the veil between worlds. Here are some of the spOoOoOokiest Real Housewives psychics and mediums.

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