The Round-Up: Acting Up

In which nobody’s exactly on their best behavior.

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The Round-Up: Alienation

Because, like the late capitalism it so hyperrealistically depicts, this program inevitably sunders bonds, destroys traditional relationships, and spreads psychic and physical pain.

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Love and Light: The Danielle Staub Journey

The Real Housewives of New Jersey kicked off their 8th season this week. Notable this year is the return of Danielle Staub (tragically only as a Friend of) whose brief two season stint made her one of the original housewife icons. I didn’t watch RHONJ during its original run so I just blazed through the first two seasons to get myself up to speed on all things Jersey. If your memory of Danielle is fuzzy, you skipped those early seasons, or you’re a Danielle-aholic looking to worship, I’m here for you. Let’s take a trip to Franklin Lakes, NJ circa 2009…

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