Ranked: The One-Season Wonders

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

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The Round-Up: Two Atlanta Mamas and Two Cali Divorces


Sometimes, an item of Housewives interest crops up — a marriage, a separation, a new line of products — and we think, “huh, guess we should blog about that.” But then we don’t, because we’re lazy, and they pile up and up and up. And then we’re like, “ugh, I guess we reported on Angela Stone trying that fat sucking machine; we can’t ignore Kenya’s pregnancy. Let’s just chuck all the shit we missed together in a big clump.” Hence, The Round-Up: a grab bag of news and innuendo so good it’s like getting your dick sucked by a strange man. Allegedly.

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Halloween Spooktacular: A Salute to Carlton Gebbia


It’s finally Halloween, witches! Tonight, a lot of people will settle in for their annual viewing of witchy cult classic The Craft. At Bitchy Witches HQ, our hearts belong to a different witch. Here’s our tribute to Carlton Gebbia.

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