Ranked: The One-Season Wonders

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

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The Round-Up: See You in Court

In this week’s Round-Up, the former Bravo Z-listers are getting litigious, we’ve got a birthday in the house, and Phaedra is fine, really.

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Halloween Spooktacular: Great Costume Parties in Housewives History


There’s nothing idle rich ladies love more than publicly eviscerating their enemies, but even that gets a bit tired. For a change of pace, why not eviscerate your enemy in a fun costume? Here are some of the best Real Housewives costume parties ever.

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First Contact: The Real Housewives of Vancouver, Season 1

People say, “You know​ Gerard…you’re so pretty, you’ve never looked better, you’re so smart, you’re independent…” Yeah, I fucking know that shit!! But it may shock you to learn that, despite my panache, my elan, I am a relative Housewives novice. So welcome to what I guess is a series where I walk you through my new discoveries of old seasons. In hono(u)r of my Canadian co-bloggers, picture it: British Columbia, 2012. Four…okay, fine, *five* women, one city, a whole lot of personality disorders.

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Crappy Birthday!


It’s birthday season at The Bitchy Witches! Tracey and I both turn 28 this week (if your browser ever crashes looking at this site, that’s the strong Virgo energy). I can think of no better celebration than to look back on great Real Housewives birthday disasters in history. Tuck into a slice of cake and enjoy. Just a small piece for you, Gigi. You have your modelling to think of.

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