Breaking Out: The Real Housewives of Orange County – Naked Wasted

There are plenty of breakout episodes in the Real Housewives archives. More than simple classics, these are the episodes that firmly establish the cast of characters and their relationships, usually culminating in some unforgettable, infinitely-rewatchable event. In this new series, Breaking Out, we’ll be looking back at these ground-breaking episodes to analyze and appreciate their brilliance, as well as their lasting legacy.

It only makes sense, then, to start at the beginning. Bonus points for my timing of getting this post up before Gretchen’s guest return to the OC tomorrow night. Before any tables were flipped, wigs were snatched, or Kelly met Bethenny, we were hanging out in the OC. The OG franchise once again trailblazed, showing us just what happens when you combine calculated mean-girling, tequila, and sleazy young men in “Naked Wasted.”

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