Highs and Lows: The Real Vikings of Orange County – RHOC

Forgive the very late deployment of this recap as I’m dealing with a new puppy and barely have had time to watch 40 minutes of television this week. My puppy is pertinent to this blog also because I named her after a real housewife. Drop your guess as to who in the comments after you read through my thoughts on the final episode of RHOC’s trip to Iceland.

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Highs and Lows: A Case of the Vicki’s – RHOC

Well, well, well folks. Looks like we just needed a trip out of the OC to get the party started on the RHOC. I can’t believe I’ve had to wait this long to write about this episode because it was fantastic start to finish. Let’s not waste another second for Vicki could possibly perish.

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Halloween Spooktacular: Psychics and Mediums


If we’re counting off things these rich ladies love (in a plot twist surprising to no one, the true horror is privilege), we must acknowledge psychics. Truly, nothing says “bored with too much money” like paying a stranger to magically divine your future. But as we well know, on these cold autumn days, we must be careful when crossing the veil between worlds. Here are some of the spOoOoOokiest Real Housewives psychics and mediums.

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Halloween Spooktacular: Great Costume Parties in Housewives History


There’s nothing idle rich ladies love more than publicly eviscerating their enemies, but even that gets a bit tired. For a change of pace, why not eviscerate your enemy in a fun costume? Here are some of the best Real Housewives costume parties ever.

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This Is Not a Drill: Shannon and David Beador Are Separating

The first ever Bitchy Witches post was about the demise of a relationship both shocking and inevitable. Today, we return to that tradition: after 17 years of marriage, it’s time to close the Beadors. To further complicate matters: it’s the day of the OC reunion taping. I am imagining Shannon’s emotional state is… precarious.

More information as it emerges. The Bitchy Witches are staunchly #teamshannon and thinking of her in this difficult time. Let us all remove a lemon from our bowls in mourning.

Highs and Lows: An Unexpected Thaw – RHOC

Velkominn to Iceland! The ladies of RHOC have a penchant for going to some random ass places (remember Moorea?) so Iceland is a pretty on trend locale, granted years after it became a tourism hotspot in typical dated OC form. This ep tickled me immensely so let’s jump in.

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