Meghan King Edmonds Leaves RHOC

If you were among the many who were just about to change the channel on RHOC, but were hanging tight for another scintillating Meghan King Edmonds baby storyline, you have your Monday nights back: Meghan is leaving the show after three seasons. She made the announcement this morning via her blog.

While Meghan’s time on the show was only sporadically interesting, she also holds the rare distinction of being one of the few Housewives to spend as long as she did on the show without meaningfully embarrassing herself in any way. Best wishes to Meghan in her life ahead, whether she’s raising her growing family or using her newfound spare time to seek out members of the O’Toole clan in the street.

Leanne Brown Reportedly Quits Real Housewives of Cheshire

The Sun is reporting that Leanne Brown from The Real Housewives of Cheshire is calling time after six seasons (or, as the Brits call them, serieseseseseses). Leanne is one of the O.G.s of the franchise, so her departure, if true, will leave a gap, especially given her blood feud with former biffle Dawn Ward over a £500k loan. Sadly, her exit would also put a crimp in the Cheshire producers’ plan to assemble the first Real Housewives cast visible from space. Hopefully the seven women they hire to fill her slot are up to the job.

INJUSTICE: Luann Arrested!

Condolences to the 92% of us who had Ramona in the RHONY Arrest Pool. Early this (Christmas Eve!!) morning, recording artist/European noblewoman/Skinny Girl creator Luann Nadeau de Lesseps D’Agostino de Lesseps was arrested in Palm Beach (not West Palm thankyouverymuch) for disorderly intoxication, battery of an officer, resisting arrest, and making threats against a public servant. (Fuckin same, am I right?) While being escorted away, she apparently screamed ““I’m going to kill you all!” That’s our girl.

Don’t worry about our dear Countess, though; at least she has something to bond with Tinsley over now.

The Round-Up: See You in Court

In this week’s Round-Up, the former Bravo Z-listers are getting litigious, we’ve got a birthday in the house, and Phaedra is fine, really.

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J’Accuse…! Logie Dress Bandit Captured

A couple months ago, we breathlessly announced the theft of Gamble’s Logies dress, the greatest scandal to hit Australia since Fever failed to reach #1 stateside. We’re pleased to announce that we can now give you at least a little resolution regarding this foul deed.

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