This Is Not a Drill: Shannon and David Beador Are Separating

The first ever Bitchy Witches post was about the demise of a relationship both shocking and inevitable. Today, we return to that tradition: after 17 years of marriage, it’s time to close the Beadors. To further complicate matters: it’s the day of the OC reunion taping. I am imagining Shannon’s emotional state is… precarious.

More information as it emerges. The Bitchy Witches are staunchly #teamshannon and thinking of her in this difficult time. Let us all remove a lemon from our bowls in mourning.

Sonja Morgan Accidentally Invited 1,000 People to Her Home

We’ve all been there, right?

My favorite detail is that her janky party invite was via Paperless Post, the very same upscale-Evite service Luann used for her save-the-dates. Fun fact: I worked at PP for two years, only to be cruélly laid off two days before my birthday, so I’m gonna go ahead and say that this was entirely their fault and that they should compensate her for emotional distress as well as the cost of hiring an ex-FBI agent as an impromptu bouncer.

(Kidding, kidding, it’s all love/they gave me a juicy severance. I don’t want to make life any harder for the poor guy who had to tweet back at her (sup, Fritz).)

Angela Stone Is Trying to Kill Her Belly Fat with Radio Waves

Looks like Michelle really did a number on her body image. Here she is trying out New Zealand’s very first truSculpt 3D fat reduction machine, a totally safe and scientifically proven weight loss device that heats up your subcutaneous tissue to Fat Death Level.

The video itself is actually worth watching (when you’re bored at work), if only for the Jetsons sound effects and the beautiful reminder of Angela’s euphonious voice and easy, natural screen presence.

(I realize this is slim gossip pickings, but with RHOAKL on an unjust and probably permanent hiatus, I’ll take any Angela Stone footage I can get, just as sure as I scrounge for Kelly Killoren Bensimon fixes from the Daily Mail.)

Happy Birthday Lydia!

As your one-stop shop for Lydia Schiavello updates, we’d be remiss not to let you know about her 49th birthday bash. The significance? Only Gina and Venus were there.

The Prognostication Department here at BW HQ has long predicted a Good (Gamble, Janet, Jackie) versus Evil (Gina, Lydia, Venus) battle for Melbourne S4, so it’s nice to get some (pseudo-)confirmation.

This particular article also predicts a Gamble-centric season, which we’re very much here for, considering that Tracey just named her new dog after Mme. Breaux Wolfe.

Melbourne (finally) premieres in December, so look for even more exciting unsourced tabloid gossip coming soon!