The Case For: Angela Stone

“If you hold up a mirror, what do you see? Yourself.” — Angela Stone

We love to big-up unjustly maligned Housewives otherwise lost to history. Today, I rise in support of Angela Stone, the spectrum queen of Auckland. The public hated watching her. Her cast hated filming with her. But here at BWHQ, we were rapt. Hell, I love Ms. Stone enough to write up an entire post about her fat reduction infomercial. So buckle up, kids, because I’m gonna take you on a quick tour to Auckland (with routine stopovers in Christchurch) to convince you why you, too, should love THE face of New Zealand tourism.

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Personality Quiz: What’s Your Katie Rost Love Language?

If you’re anything like us/Vicki Gunvalson, you’re well aware of the Five Languages of Love that you need to fill a love tank. But every now and then, a visionary of the heart comes along to reinvent how we view affection. Click here to find out how you would express your feelings for your partner if you were lucky enough to wake up tomorrow as ball-and-gala girl/molly queen/Black-Jewish Kelly Killoren Bensimon figure/MaloofHoof fave Katie Rost.