The Case For: Angela Stone

“If you hold up a mirror, what do you see? Yourself.” — Angela Stone

We love to big-up unjustly maligned Housewives otherwise lost to history. Today, I rise in support of Angela Stone, the spectrum queen of Auckland. The public hated watching her. Her cast hated filming with her. But here at BWHQ, we were rapt. Hell, I love Ms. Stone enough to write up an entire post about her fat reduction infomercial. So buckle up, kids, because I’m gonna take you on a quick tour to Auckland (with routine stopovers in Christchurch) to convince you why you, too, should love THE face of New Zealand tourism.

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Halloween Spooktacular: Great Costume Parties in Housewives History


There’s nothing idle rich ladies love more than publicly eviscerating their enemies, but even that gets a bit tired. For a change of pace, why not eviscerate your enemy in a fun costume? Here are some of the best Real Housewives costume parties ever.

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Angela Stone Is Trying to Kill Her Belly Fat with Radio Waves

Looks like Michelle really did a number on her body image. Here she is trying out New Zealand’s very first truSculpt 3D fat reduction machine, a totally safe and scientifically proven weight loss device that heats up your subcutaneous tissue to Fat Death Level.

The video itself is actually worth watching (when you’re bored at work), if only for the Jetsons sound effects and the beautiful reminder of Angela’s euphonious voice and easy, natural screen presence.

(I realize this is slim gossip pickings, but with RHOAKL on an unjust and probably permanent hiatus, I’ll take any Angela Stone footage I can get, just as sure as I scrounge for Kelly Killoren Bensimon fixes from the Daily Mail.)

The Real Housewives of Auckland – A Very Special Episode

The Real Housewives of Auckland is an underdiscussed treasure, partly because of its Oceanic remoteness, partly because of the unjust likelihood that it will remain a one season wonder. Fortunately, Bravo is airing it stateside anyway, and today marked the debut on American television of the Auckland housewives’ most infamous moment—the incident that we wordsmiths here at The Bitchy Witches LLC refer to as Racism Boat. Join me, won’t you, for an aquatic adventure through antiquated racial slurs, thrown prosecco, and unrelated fake tan mishaps?

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