Ranked: Every Season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The ladies of Atlanta have returned for the winter. NeNe Leakes is back in our lives, whether we like it or not (one of you must have forgotten to forward the chain letter). But as we look forward to season ten, let’s take a look back. Which season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was the worst, and which reigns supreme?

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Queen for an Episode: The Real Housewives of Atlanta – S10E01


We rejoin the ladies of Atlanta one year after Phaedra Parks was revealed as the Ultimate Despair and the mastermind behind the killing game. Now, the five survivors face a brave new world. They’re joined by a prodigal NeNe Leakes, hard up for some pocket change after burning her bridges with Ryan Murphy and, allegedly, the IRS. We’ve also got Eva “Marcille” Pigford and a wax figure of Kim Zolciak coming down the pipe. Why stop there? Bring back Kris Kelli. Are Chuck and Mynique busy? What’s DeShawn up to these days?

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Eva the Diva: A Primer

Atlanta S10 is debuting this Sunday, and with it a new Friend Of: occasional actress Eva Marcille. As reality television archivists, however, we remember Eva Marcille as Eva Pigford, winner of America’s Next Top Model “Cycle” 3, and everything we remember demonstrates a great deal of Housewiving promise. Let’s get revved up for whatever random grime Eva’s about to throw at us with a trip through her storied, Tyra-tinged herstory, shall we?

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