Spotlight: Twirl on You Crazy Diamond

You guys, it fucking pains me to type these words. I’ve been holding off on writing about Kenya for a while now – not because of my normal procrastination – but because I wanted this piece to end with her victory lap as she returned for another season against all odds. Sadly, it seems even Kenya Moore can push Bravo too far. Fingers crossed as soon as I hit post that a new report comes out and a peach is officially in her hand.

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The Round-Up: Oranges, Peaches, and Pairs

Some unexpected pairings, some unsurprising ones, some absurd Orange County shenanigans, and a whooole lotta bullshit about the Atlanta casting process.

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The Round-Up: Acting Up

In which nobody’s exactly on their best behavior.

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The Round-Up: Alienation

Because, like the late capitalism it so hyperrealistically depicts, this program inevitably sunders bonds, destroys traditional relationships, and spreads psychic and physical pain.

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The Round-Up: Cast Away

It’s a play on words, you see, for we have casting news, and we also wish Bethenny Frankel would be deposited at long last on a desert isle.

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