The Beverly Hills Problem

I had prepared to write this post just after the season ended in lieu of a reunion ranking. After the painful slog that was season 8 my desire to spill another drop of electronic ink on Beverly Hills was non-existent. Now months later, I am once again disappointed and infuriated by this show as casting information emerges with season 9 filming. Let’s all take a deep breath and brace ourselves for more of the same.

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Ranked: Housewife Signature Drinks

Alcohol is ever-present on the Real Housewives. It’s the fuel for most of the best confrontations and meltdowns and for that we give it our eternal thanks. This ranking is not a list of swill that the housewives shill, but rather the drinks we see them guzzling back that truly embody their character. Bottoms up.

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Spotlight: Twirl on You Crazy Diamond

You guys, it fucking pains me to type these words. I’ve been holding off on writing about Kenya for a while now – not because of my normal procrastination – but because I wanted this piece to end with her victory lap as she returned for another season against all odds. Sadly, it seems even Kenya Moore can push Bravo too far. Fingers crossed as soon as I hit post that a new report comes out and a peach is officially in her hand.

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