The Trailer Has Landed: RHONY Edition

Oh yes, we’re alive here. And so are the ladies of New York. Nothing can resuscitate me like a little RHONY.

Here is our season 11 cast! Barbara must have been a flop and downgraded to a friend. I love the looks for this season, very New York chic and simple. But we’re all here for the trailer!

Thoughts? I’m excited to see Jovani-gate continue and my prediction is this will be a banner Lu season similar to season 8, just replacing Tom with her cabaret. We shall see soon as it is premiering on March 6th!

5 thoughts on “The Trailer Has Landed: RHONY Edition

  1. I’m really happy that you guys are back. New York City never disappoints. I think this season will be a shit show. In a good way.

    1. Looks like it will probably be more of a lighthearted shitshow compared to last year’s darksided one! They never disappoint.

  2. “I’m miserable” “I’m literally fucking miserable” all while crying in a full blown circus outfit with her make up ruined. I was living while Tinsley was dying.

  3. BW is back! And so is RHONY! 2019 can begin now.

    The trailer looks like a fun drunken romp; The RHONY’s chemistry with each other and, more importantly, the audience, really is second to none. Luann’s longer locks look fabulous (RIP the Meg Ryan shag), Dorinda is about to cut a bitch, and Ramona is ready to turn Mario and Harry Dubin into tasty snacks. Can’t wait!

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