The Real Housewives of Dallas – Reunion Power Ranking Pt. 1

The ladies of Dallas have come to play this time and everyone is operating at 100.

6. D’Andra

The cherry on top of a disastrous season for D’Andra’s public image was this reunion. She was disgruntled and defensive and getting called out for hypocrisy. She denied texts for which the receipts have been shown multiple times over, and has now doubled down about them being fabricated because this is the season of cell phone technological hijinks. She demanded the names of LeeAnne’s therapists which has not been received well. Who thought this is the D’Andra we’d get after her glowing debut season? I’ve enjoyed watching this downward trajectory and unless Dee pulls out a miracle next week I don’t see it stopping.

5. LeeAnne

Let’s be real here – LeeAnne is never, ever going to win a reunion. She does lie compulsively, or perhaps just spill out all sorts of bullshit that she can’t even remember, and while most of it is harmless and people overreact, she’s always going to get taken to task for it. I do think this was a great turn-around for her considering the disaster that was last season’s reunion. She had Andy in her pocket fawning over the L’Infinity dress and while this ensemble cast is fantastic there is no doubt that there would be no RHOD without LeeAnne Locken. D’Andra and Brandi haranguing her about her therapists garnered some sympathy and I don’t think she was totally destroyed over sucking it up and admitting to her Brandi alcoholism remarks. All in all, probably the best I could have hoped for LeeLee to pull off.

4. Kameron

Oh, Kameron. I don’t really understand doubling down about Brandi’s adoption news being kept secret but I never understand the battles Kameron picks. They aren’t ones she’s going to win. Overall though Kameron manages to slide out of any permanent damage because her blunders are always going to be overshadowed by whatever is going on with LeeAnne.

3. Cary

Someone is putting in her best Lisa Wu performance to keep that star in her hand. I thought Cary was totally feral while hounding D’Andra and while I don’t really care about their off screen drama I always appreciate someone showing up to the reunion frothing at the mouth. I don’t think she planned to fat shame D’Andra because she’s too aware of how poorly that would come off, so that whole accusation just fell flat and left Cary with a win.

2. Brandi

She didn’t contribute anything to come off particular well herself but she did have the much more articulate and respectable Stephanie speaking in her defense which is why she’s placed up here. So far she didn’t get called out on any of her provoking behaviors (yet??? hopefully) and had slam dunks against Kameron’s silly baby bashing and LeeAnne’s alcoholism remarks. My fingers are crossed so hard I’m losing circulation that she gets nailed down by the Andy-right couch for some of her bullshit in part two.

1. Stephanie 

No surprises here. Stephanie got a sparkling edit highlighting her conflict-less season and her struggles with mental health. Of course I find it all very hypocritical how we worship the rich, together, blonde woman for opening up about depression and give other people (*cough LeeAnne*) nothing but scrutiny for their mental health, but that doesn’t make this any less of a win for Stephanie. While this was the most I liked Stephanie so far, it was also her blandest season and there’s just nothing to drag her down with.


2 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of Dallas – Reunion Power Ranking Pt. 1

  1. Kameron saying “Call AT&T right now!” was too funny to me. That and Andy’s disgruntled follow-up response are the small comedic moments I love about reunions this tensed up.

  2. Somewhere in an Arlington office park, the real D’Andra is sitting, gagged with electrical tape, in a boiler room.

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