Highs and Lows: Party Foul – RHOD

Can y’all believe it’s the finale already? I’m not ready for this to be over.


1. Three Chers. I like how at a college frat party three separate women came dressed as Cher Horowitz, a high school student. I loved the last Cher who was maybe too young to have watched Clueless and really went for “sexy Cher” with her iteration. Meanwhile LeeAnne clearly had not seen it either what with the tights and ribbons in her hair. Props to Kameron for getting it but in her defense she actually grew up in the 90s so it’s right on for her era.

2. Tit for tat. This was a defining episode for LeeAnne. Her admitting casually that of course she lied about cloning the phone because she had to come back with something better than just stealing a phone. Expert escalation. While yes, you could say this is classic Lying LeeAnne, all of the outrage was so overdone beyond perhaps admonishing her for escalating shit, but what show are we watching? I want everyone claiming to hack each others’ devices just for shits and giggles.

3. Off the wagon. Man, did Brandi go nuts or what? I don’t think this was premeditated mean-girling like chasing someone around with a dildo. This was Brandi being consumed by rage the minute she lays eyes on LeeAnne, which is totally a LeeAnne move ironically. I think everyone got caught up in LeeAnne’s “try me” snarl because of her history and her aesthetic is kind of like a scary witch (said with love) but Brandi was equally terrifying and I loved it. She kicked her out of a party that she was not throwing herself! Quality work.

4. Fair and balanced. Slay me Cary. When she went with LeeAnne post-brawl and poured out her drink and rolled her eyes during that spread eagle soliloquy it really cemented my love for her. “You’re not alone, I’m right here.” 🤣 I’ve also been reading her blogs and she sees Brandi for the snake she is (never forget who called you the nanny, girl) so I’m also more amenable to her when she is not blindly going to bat for Brandi.


1. Nonstume. As you all know we like to hate-read a certain housewives discussion community and I read a bunch of people praising Cary for doing the best job dressing for a frat party. That is literally the most boring fucking opinion on earth and this is why I can’t with the majority of Reddit. Like sure she looks like a normal college kid but this is a campy costume party, that is not the point. At least Mark wore that sexy periodic table frat shirt. Maybe Cary should have dressed up with her original face because this is not the same human on my screen each week.

old cary.PNG

2. Ginger terror. Ugh, Bryan again. Clearly after season one he knew that he was better off not being on the show much, and he was in maybe two episodes this season but that is two too many! I was disappointed when he managed not to wipe out coming down the stairs to the party. He did do a good job dressing up as a frat-douche, though, it seems to come naturally.

3. Academia. In case it wasn’t obvious, this whole big Harvard excursion is just Travis going to that “buy a degree” two month-long program that the likes of Tyra Banks has graduated from. Imagine being so rich you are already well beyond needing a fancy degree to make it in life but still go back for some participation certificate. Ego is a strange thing.

4. Let’s get physical. I’m bummed Brandi managed to provoke LeeAnne into that poking because even though they were both equally starting it at the party, the one who gets physical gets dragged. Right now I’m just crossing my fingers that she doesn’t get completely buried at the reunion like last year which was such a depressing affair.

3 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Party Foul – RHOD

  1. What a season finale. Cary made me laugh out loud with her eye-roll attitude towards LeeAnne. Couple that with two housewives having huge fits at the same party and I’m just: <3

    They're casting for RHOD at the moment and some people are predicting a housewife being dropped for a fresh face, but I hope we just get 7 housewives in Season 4. I LOVE EVERYONE ON THIS CAST TOO MUCH.

    1. Right? Who can you justify dropping from this group?

      Brandi’s blind rage at Leeanne’s very existence ironically turning her INTO Leeanne is a great supervillain origin story. Hopefully the combo of Steph playing both sides, Cary becoming a hilarious deadpan mercenary, and D’Andra creating a feedback loop of madness with her OWN insane Leeanne grievances will cause her to wholly lose her mind next year and–gasp–maybe finally be seen for the demon she really is.

  2. LeeAnne’s regression into a serpentine demon during the Brandi confrontation was legitimately horrifying, yet mesmerizing. Star of the season, show, state, etc.

    Brandi’s cursed cheerleading outfit definitely had some other-worldly properties that brought her back to her (most likely) terrifying days as a college cheerleader *shiver*

    I’m not as hot on Cary as everyone else seems to be and wouldn’t be mad if we lost her next season. She seems lost in the dynamics at the moment and even without her newfound role as a gossip mongerer, these girls will still find a way to explode. HOWEVER, I did like her randomly backing LeeAnne after the fight. And it looks like she tries the hilarious reunion tactic of turning up the volume after a quiet season to stay on the show.

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