Highs and Lows: A New Addition – RHOA

The ladies are finally back in Atlanta and we get to meet Shamari. Thankfully, it was a much better episode than the first two of the season. Let’s discuss.


1. Resveratree. Move over, Resveratrol there is a new holistic cancer treatment: healing trees. I just took a quick Google and it turns out these aren’t scam trees claiming to cure cancer, their fruit just helps people in cancer treatment maintain their appetites. Bummer, but if it is good enough for Toni Braxton then it is good (man) enough for me. I have my thoughts on Greg skipping the chemo. It seems like a poor choice, even though I’m well aware it’s hellish, for someone so bound and determined to kill all cancer like Gregg is.

2. Shamari. We’ve only had one episode of her so far, but I’m definitely feeling Shamari. She is instantly charismatic and telegenic. Oh, and did I mention messy? This girl’s a mess, a thirst-trap, and let’s just hope she ends up being the right kind of thirsty, entertainingly so. Her and her man telling Kandi how to fix her Xscape set was some quality trolling, but I do think they are delusional enough to believe they are musical experts.

3. Hot dog. Finally we get a little bit of payoff (that we knew was coming) for sitting through those endless Porsha/Dennis scenes the past two weeks. Shocker: Dennis has a messy dating history. I don’t really think anything too interesting has come out yet, the fact that he got with Porsha while with someone else just doesn’t faze me in the era of cancer-gate and lesbian rape. Sign me up for some financial drama or perhaps a scam. Also this episode was blessedly much more balanced with much more limited Porsha screentime.


1. Eva. Really not vibing Eva as a housewife this season. Her talking heads are painfully scripted and those zingers are not on the level of the other ladies’. I don’t want to turn each week into me moaning about the loss of Kenya, but damn she ain’t no Kenya. Her pettiness against Cynthia for being an old washed up model comes off pretty delusional from someone whose original claim to fame was America’s Next Top Model. I just don’t see picking Cynthia to dunk on as fun because I know that Cynthia isn’t going to clapback and it’s a wasted feud. Hopefully she finds someone else to scrap with and makes us happy she got that peach, but I’m not too optimistic.


3 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: A New Addition – RHOA

  1. I love Shamari <3 I just hope she isn't too thirsty every episode but either way I think I'm going to appreciate it. She's bringing something new.

    Eva is less telegenic then Emily Simpson and I swear BBUS contestants do confessionals better. Hoping she gets better but, eh.

  2. Shamari, at least, brings a new energy to the show and her tangible desperation has flares of early Kenya for me. She has clearly come onto the show with a mission and, hopefully, she’s able to turn it into something entertaining.

    Kudos to Kandi for being willing to play the game this season. Bringing Porsha’s disgruntled ex-employee (the one she beat the shit out of in a back alley after the Christmas party!) on camera just to talk shit on Dennis/Porsha was some Phaedra-level shit. Kandi continuing her vendetta against Porsha is SOMETHING this season, but I’m sure she’ll back off after the pregnancy reveal.

    Is it too early to call Eva as a one-and-done? She’s already throwing a fit on social media because she says that she never meant to shade Cynthia and “veteran walk” was supposed to be complimentary! x__x

  3. Shamari is a nice breath of thirsty air for the show. I can see her becoming too much, but at the same time boundlessly entertaining and messy so sign me up.

    I agree that Eva feels incredibly scripted so far. I’m actually looking forward to her going against Marlo but feuding with a Friend Of, let alone Marlo, isn’t too impressive for a Real Housewife on Atlanta.

    Tanya Sam is making her debut as a Friend Of soon so hopefully she adds… something.

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