Highs and Lows: Growers and Show-ers – RHOD

The final leg of the Denmark trip continues Dallas’s hot streak. Literally. Except it’s not hot. You know what I’m talking about. Let’s move on.


1. Gaslit. Nothing signifies a successful gaslighting better than the victim apologizing to the perpetrator. In spite of being totally ridiculous and definitely in the wrong, Kameron still received an apology from D’Andra for the whole elevator night debacle. Looks like she’ll be rescinding it quickly next week but I definitely laughed at that being how the episode started off.

2. Feels like home. The trip to Tivoli Gardens bringing back LeeAnne’s childhood gave us that amazing description of growing up with conjoined twins and boa constrictors. LeeAnne’s Carny Days is the housewives spin-off we deserve.

3. Phoneshadowing. I love that this week we had a different kind of phone/technology based drama that will of course lead into the much anticipated cloning. Admittedly I am a LeeAnne stan and didn’t see the biggest deal out of the video, although upon more reflection maybe it would have ended up like Vicki’s Ireland tit pic (that Tamra circulated via a minor causing an FBI investigation) what with LeeAnne seeking righteous vengeance on bully Brandi.

4. Baby voice. Finally someone calls out Brandi’s stupid fake little baby voice. It’s particularly menacing knowing what evil she has within.


1. Marky Mark. Like, no. Just no. I know Cary loves to be naked but I did not need the Deuber special. Anyway since we all had to see it anyway here’s a nice still to sear into your retinas. Enjoy celibacy.


2. Deuber time. I found all the Deuber family stuff supremely untouching and eating up way too much camera time. I’m a heartless bitch, what can I say? I don’t really buy her connection to these decades past relatives and Cary really hams it up on the screen, then Mark and Zuri coming out went on and on and on. Less family, more fighting.

3 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Growers and Show-ers – RHOD

  1. Brandi’s “wicked witch” comment towards LeeAnne is everything I loathe about her, but at the same time she naturally ignites conflict by being this way so I also love it.

    1. Yeah, I can’t deny that Brandi is a great villain for the show although I don’t really enjoy any part of watching her. She needs to get some comeuppance eventually for me to feel satisfied. She is really good at prodding LeeAnne into meltdowns though and for that I am a fan.

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