Highs and Lows: Wives and Misdemeanors – RHONJ

What a beautiful bounty of housewives franchises we have airing right now. So much so that I just finally had time to watch Jersey’s premiere today. I am a noted fan of S8 and hope that the renaissance carries on over to this season. How did the premiere fare?


1. That intro. Don’t quote me on being excited for another Teresa/Melissa battle season. That was some serious tedium from seasons 3-5 although the highs were really sky-high. That being said, the only time Melissa’s casting is ever justified on this show is when she’s fighting with Tre. Regardless of how I feel as this storyline progresses, those editors put together a great intro. First a package of their fraught family tension over the years and then a preview of this season’s issues apparently about Melissa not controlling Joe. I always find flashforward intros a bit jarring, thinking I’ve somehow missed an episode like the OC 70s party, but this one hit the right notes for me.

2. Under her skin. I love love love how much Danielle gets under Dolores’s skin. I think pretty much the funniest thing she could do with her return to friend of the housewives is to pick the quietest, chillest housewife and just troll her into meltdowns while making peace with her former enemy Teresa. Hopefully she keeps it up so that I can stand Dolores’s continued presence on this show. I capped that picture above as Marge and Dolores were discussing Danielle’s gossiping about Frank’s disbarment and the editors did a great job getting those shots with her in the background.

3. Wasting no time. Unlike other long-running franchises (*cough* Atlanta), Jersey wasted no time bringing out the new ladies. It’s still too soon to tell how things will pan out but I’m glad we got to meet Jackie and Jennifer right off the bat. It looks like Jackie is going to be Team Melissa and Jennifer is going to get into it with Marge. Fingers crossed that they replaced Siggy with some good ones.

4. The Boogey Woman. Speaking of Siggy, I liked how this premiere made a few mentions and callbacks to her legendary S8 insanity before finishing up with a cake smash. A lot of times former housewives are completely erased but I enjoy a little continuity even if it tiptoes on breaking the fourth wall a bit.

5. Feminist revival. I did find Melissa’s push-back against Joe “Caveman” Gorga a little funny even though I don’t believe she means it in anyway. This is the woman who wrote a book co-signing marital rape as part of a happy relationship, so there’s that. Hopefully we don’t get any more storylines about him hating her working, though.


1. The Catanias. I have yet to watch Potomac but I have absorbed a lot of the cast dynamics through discussion and it seems this is a Robyn/Juan thing and I am not about it. I can’t believe this is the third season straight of Dolores’s fucked up continued relationship living with Frank. I like how she tried to sugarcoat his essential embezzlement as funds as totally not a big deal. He only got disbarred.

2. Bodybuilding diets. I always felt this way watching Tamra eat in restaurants and now I’m feeling it with Teresa. I will never understand the pull of competitive bodybuilding. Seeing sad, bland chicken breasts and salads and egg whites makes my soul weep. Jersey is one of the franchises that really loves to eat real food and was never like the Californian diet ladies, so hopefully Tre reverts to pasta and red wine after she takes the stage.

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  1. This was a strong episode! Even though it felt like mostly a 4 housewife episode but at least Jackie and Jennifer were introduced towards the end. Surprised no mention at Marg’s shower scene with her husband get it girl! Won’t be surprised if reddit decides to turn on her this season but she’s such a great addition to the cast.

    The new girl Jackie seems offensively normal, but maybe I’ll stan? All her bravotv.com footage is supremely boring, yet charming. Jennifer seems like she has the most insanity potential. Her house tour on the bravo youtube channel is…. something. Also the second middle eastern housewife after Peggy so there’s room to go up right?

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