Highs and Lows: South Peach – RHOA

The ladies are still in Miami and no, we still don’t get to meet Shamari this week. What else went down with the peaches? Let’s discuss.



1. Marlo. I won’t accept any hating on Marlo no matter how much evidence you present to her being a horrible person. She lights up my screen, she gives me joy, and she’s just so telegenic. Even without getting into any fights this week I thought she was the highlight of the episode. That’s not saying too much though.

2. Gregg. Sad as Gregg’s cancer battle is, it’s probably the realest thing we’ve had on Atlanta in years. He’s always in good spirits joking around and it’s touching to see everyone coming together to support and care for him.


1. All Porsha. Oh my god, what is going on with the screentime? I know we’re starting out on a trip so things aren’t in the normal filming groove but I think I watched like 5 literal television minutes of her demanding Dennis’s toothbrush. She is not cute, not funny, and not worthy of this much screentime. We barely saw Cynthia, Eva or Kandi and we still are waiting on Shamari’s introduction. Let’s hope a return to Atlanta banishes Porsha back to the background a bit more. This was a total filler ep and we’re only on the second of the season. This recap is brief solely because so little happened. Kenya, your presence is missed dearly.


4 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: South Peach – RHOA

  1. I’m sure I’m forgetting tons of other candidates, but the first however many minutes of this episode are my pick for worst scene in Real Housewives history. What WAS that? Who allowed that to air? I don’t even necessarily hate Porsha, but if there’s really that little footage, I’d take literally any other cast member’s fake scripted scenes over hers. Yikes.

    1. My other candidates would be the S7 RHONY episode where Bethenny goes to Miami to talk to one of her dad’s and every time the scene cuts and you think you’re getting something new it just cuts to more therapy, or the endless scene in Chyka’s closet in S2E3 of Melbourne.

      However, god that Porsha and Dennis shit was endless. Let’s watch Porsha and Dennis eat. Let’s watch Porsha and Dennis argue. Let’s watch Porsha brush her teeth. I wish I checked how many on-air minutes it consumed, but I know it was a ton.

  2. Porsha is beyond cringe holy shit. She needs to be fired ASAP I find everything she does obnoxious and I also purposefully view everything she does in the least favorable light possible. I’m tired of looking at her damn cleavage too on the petty side of things.

    On the flip side, Marlo is still hilarious <3 WHERE IS HER PEACH!?!?!?!?! And Shamari looks like she has potential and her confessionals seem telegenic at least. Eva at times looked like she was reading off BBUS esque cue cards I hate to say it.

  3. Marlo is putting in more work than any of the actual wives. That scene of her discovering Porsha’s room, hijacking it, and having room service move Porsha’s bags into the smaller room was some classic Ramonja Vacation Shenanigans.

    I keep forgetting Eva is even apart of the cast. I’m still trying to give her a shot, but her attempt at shading the other girls in confessional are like watching bad NeNe cosplay. Her talking head about Marlo packing her sense of entitlement in her suitcases was particularly cringey.

    Also, Dennis has zero charisma and I can’t understand a word he says. I’m pretty sure he was subtitled through that entire episode.

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