Highs and Lows: To Love and to Cherish – RHOA

The ladies of Atlanta are back and I am here to re-hash it for you. Strap yourself and pour a glass of wine with frozen grapes Cynthia-style.


1. Terrible teens. Riley is looking amazing but I was more into her hilarious teenage attitude. I hope she makes life hell for Kandi and Todd and continues calling them out for their questionable decisions.

2. Ringback. Did you catch that Kandi ringback when Porsha called to invite her to Miami? Any time you want to contact Kandi Burruss you must hear at least one song from this washed-up maniac. I bet her phone’s ringtone is some Xscape song because who still uses musical ringtones in 2018? Kandi, whose music is also stuck in the aughts. No shade intended, the 2000s were great for music.

3. The inevitable. This episode was veeeery Porsha heavy. She must have had at least 50% of the airtime. I am notably not a fan of Porsha, and I’m especially salty about her continued presence considering we had to say goodbye to Kenya. That being said, I felt like all of her airtime this episode was setting up the inevitable reveal of whatever shady shit her new beau Dennis has going on. Things have already been spilling out a bit in real-time media but I’m still waiting for the bombshell. Place your bets now.


1. Kill all cancer. Guys, Gregg’s cancer battle has me all kinds of emotional. Despite being a huge Brooks cancer scam fan I do see how devastating actual cancer is and Gregg is my favourite Atlanta spouse so I refuse to lose him. Fingers crossed he pulls through but I don’t see Nene getting too in the mix this season (understandably) while they’re dealing with this. Sad, sad stuff.

2 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: To Love and to Cherish – RHOA

  1. Assorted thoughts on the episode:
    1. I couldn’t stop thinking about how we’re missing out on the only PREGNANT KENYA MOORE footage this universe will ever be capable of obtaining. Truly a loss for humanity
    2. Still grappling with the fact that Cynthia is my current favorite Atlanta HWife
    3. Porsha immediately dating/engaging/being impregnated by the first guy she met after Kenya’s pregnancy announcement <3 This entire timeline was written the second Kenya made that reveal. Porsha would never let Kenya have that over her
    4. It only took ten years, but Riley finally looks comfortable on-camera
    5. Gregg is easily in the Top 5 Best Husbands in Housewives. It really is heartbreaking seeing him go through this. I was thinking the same thing about a quiet NeNe season, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. My favorite season of NeNe was when she put all her attention into reconciling with Gregg and became a relateable background character laughing hysterically at the events transpiring around her.

  2. Porsha is way too much, but I still have hope for this season. Shamari seems like she’s going to be a great addition.

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