Is Jill Zarin Returning to RHONY?(!?!?!)

We have a deleted Instagram, folks!


Luuu what are you doing! Barbara (of hot mic fame) is already more-or-less confirmed, so that’s not too surprising, but uhhh buuuh what Jill Zarin?!

We of course got a follow-up on the matter from Page Six (where else!). “Bravo didn’t comment and Zarin didn’t get back to us,” we’re told, and yeah I bet Jill didn’t get back to you after initially selling you the whole article.

But anyway. What do y’all think? Another Jill Zarin fever dream? The official beginning of the Apocalypse? Chime in!

7 thoughts on “Is Jill Zarin Returning to RHONY?(!?!?!)

  1. I don’t know how it happened this way, but Jill is returning at the exact moment I decided I would be okay with Jill returning. I was already cautiously optimistic about Barbara, but I didn’t realize she was THAT Barbara and now I’m really excited. That hot mic moment goes to show that she, like Dorinda, is an actual part of this social group. The authentic social circle is one of the best things that sets RHONY apart from the other cities for me, so it’s nice that production seems to agree. April can’t come soon enough.

  2. Lol I saw this today but thought it was fake.

    HUH? at Luann apparently taking time out of her today to put together a cast image and then posting it like a Housewives fan account lol. What a weirdo <3

    She’s got to be a Friend Of, right? Hasn’t she missed like two months of filming? Or have they really managed to hide her this long?

  3. If this is at all true, I am 1,000% ok with it.

    While Jill has definitely softened, I don’t think she has lost her passion for stardom nor her need for control. And that will undoubtedly piss off another control-freak and self-proclaimed star of this franchise: Bethenny.

    1. I think Jill’s participation is, ironically, an attempt to bolster Team Bethenny (Jill’s always been close to Lu too after all). But I agree that it could turn into a “be careful what you wish for” sitch.

      1. Yes, I see what you mean. Jill has learnt from the S3-S4 backlash and will work overtime to stay on Bethenny’s good side. If she is returning full-time, that is.

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