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I hope you enjoy this picture of true love and natural chemistry. Who can’t say the Deubers are relationship #goals? Anyway it’s kind of a fake-out ep because they don’t actually board the plane to Copenhagen until the last 2 minutes of the episode, but let’s delve into what happened in Dallas.


1. Psychos. That conversation between LeeAnne and Kam saying something psycho is going on with D’Andra was beautifully edited to cut back and forth with D’Andra and Dee destroying them. I don’t think LeeAnne and Kameron have a leg to stand on in their war against D’Andra to be clear. Kameron’s status stuff with Jimmy got under D’Andra’s skin but Dee could give two shits. “Since when?” is Jimmy Westcott the grand dame of Dallas. And then LeeAnne just can’t help herself but to call D’Andra an alcoholic which I don’t find to be true and even if it was, not a good way to go about an intervention. I do think D’Andra started this and has been a hot mess all season, but this is going to blow back on LeeAnne and Kameron at the reunion.

2. Dee’s over it. Much as it’s fun to watch Dee torture D’Andra with accusations of incompetence in business and jealousy of her beauty, watching the Simmons women team up when under attack is a beautiful thing. Dee knows how to rile up all the ladies on the sidelines but come to LeeAnne like a classy Dallas woman, although I’m sure she’s ready to shank her at any moment.

3. Shots. Who wouldn’t love dressing up in fancy pajamas to drink a mixture of booze and Green Miracle? Also Cary’s thirst for being the most naked at any event puts her in the company of Ampika which is truly a compliment but sadly she doesn’t have the panache of a Pikachu, however I digress. I spent some time on the Simmons’s website perusing the products and hopefully D’Andra doesn’t touch the packaging (doubt Dee will let her living or dead) because it is some straight out of the 90s realness.

4. The oughts. Speaking of things evoking a certain decade, I really enjoyed the pictures from the Hollman wedding. Steph’s hair and makeup and that uber satiny dress with the ridiculously oversize bust was very 2000s. Can you believe we looked like this only a decade ago?


5. Economists. Finally they are making their way to Copenhagen! But D’Andra and LeeAnne are both notably slumming it in coach. I don’t think LeeAnne has ever purported to be rich but this looks bad on D’Andra, and claiming it’s to save money now that she’s running the business is ridiculous. To mere mortals a $1200 upgrade sounds like a lot of money but if I was slightly wealthy I’d pay it in a heartbeat for a 10+ hour flight. You’d really have to be pinching pennies to do that, especially when Brandi is shelling out all that money she saves by living in Plano.


1. Pickled herring. You know, Scandinavia might be an overly homogeneous hygge utopia in my eyes but they really need to work on the cuisine. I like both fish and pickled things but I’d be equally not about that pickled herring. Only pack my gift basket with danishes, thanks Cary.

2. Vow renewals. I know vow renewals are generally the kiss of death to a housewives marriage, but I don’t see the Hollmans going anywhere anytime soon. Aside from that, I just find the process of watching them tedious and boring. 10 years seems kind of early for a vow renewal also? I kiiiind of get it when you’re celebrating some massive 25+ year milestone but I guess a marriage going 10 years is rare enough to warrant.

Next week we finally make it to Copenhagen and should finally get some LeeAnne death threats. Let us all pray for some good action.

2 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Where’s Copenhagen? – RHOD

  1. I, too, am 100% bored by vow renewals within the RH universe, yet I couldn’t help but feel my heart tug and emotions swell when Stephanie said:

    “I’m walking down the aisle, and just thinking how lucky am I that God thought enough of me to give me such an amazing life.
    Just look at my children and my husband and my family and, this beautiful house that I’m in… and I know that I’ve done nothing to deserve any of this, but I’m so grateful that I have it.”

    All while Canon in D plays in the background. Honest, tragic and feels like a small pin drop moment right before the episode settles back into the typical RH rhythm. UNDERRATED MOMENT!

    1. I think Stephanie probably has one of the best RH edits of all time in large part because of her ability to hide her part in drama (moreso last season) and her honesty about her life. She’s won over the fans, that’s for sure. She won over me this season too but that’s solely due to her befriending LeeAnne.

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