Highs and Lows: A Recipe for Disaster – RHOD

This week Dallas brings the mamas into it.


1. Return to form. LeeAnne is really getting back into S1-2 shape what with tossing out those accusations of drinking problems at D’Andra. I love LeeAnne to death but she is almost always lying about the shady things she said, and this was no exception what with her going back and forth on the semantics of alcoholism/drinking problems in front of many different people. Sitting down and letting Mama Dee in on it was some top level crazy, though.

2. The terror of Dee. I liked how Mama Dee didn’t seem to be on anyone’s side during the cooking class/luncheon deal. I think she likes D’Andra fighting with LeeAnne and was enjoying stoking the fire from both sides.

3. Jimmy. I don’t know what I was expecting Kameron’s mother-in-law to look like, but I guess the answer is just literally female Court one botched procedure shy of Mama Elsa. Now I am notably not a fan of people telling others how to behave in high society because I watch this show for people who fuck pirates on vacation and fake cancer, not etiquette. Yet somehow I am enjoying D’Andra’s ruining her status by slumming it with Plano trash Brandi culminating in this mythical grand dame Jimmy Westcott being unleashed to make it clear.


1. Condiments. Um there should have been a trigger warning for this episode. In case you are taking note of my personal preferences let it be known that I hate ketchup. It’s disgusting sugary gloop and is the last condiment I would reach for. All that ketchup going into that meatloaf had me feeling ill and it just went on and on and on. Count me out on Mama Dee’s meatloaf.

2. Brandi’s confessionals. Now that I’m pretty hot on everyone in the cast (and tbh I do think Brandi is an indispensable vessel of evil) my hatred is focused more on Brandi. Her snide comments in her talking heads followed by her cackle are not my cup of tea.


Who’s ready for this cast trip? It looks like confinement in a foreign nation is all it takes to finally revert LeeAnne to borderline violence. Bring on the next episode.


2 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: A Recipe for Disaster – RHOD

  1. The Jimmy reveal honestly felt like the part of the story where you get your first glimpse at the secret REAL villain behind everything who is so much larger in scale than the original antagonist you thought you were dealing with. It can’t be a coincidence that we’re meeting Jimmy at the same time Leeanne is making her first death threats of the season and warning people that their Charity Worlds are going to go down the toilet. I hope the show continues to involve these higher ranking members of Dallas society because the Simmonses and Westcotts stuff feels like it could cross over into early BH territory.

    1. The unfolding of that meatloaf recipe from bacon to bell peppers to ketchup is what I imagine the plot of Suspiria to be like

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