Catching up with Dallas

You’ll have to excuse my spotty Dallas coverage the past few weeks as I have been moving and unlike certain housewives I do not have a team of people doing it for me while I vacation in Colombia. I have been watching and I have thoughts, so let me catch up on the past few weeks of Dallas.

D’Andra and LeeAnne’s crumbling friendship continues to be the central drama of the season. It doesn’t really have the pull of a “your husband gets his dick sucked at a gay bar” kind of storyline, but I do still find myself getting sucked in. There probably is something hinky going on in LeeAnne’s relationship (open, or some kind of arrangement) but D’Andra’s obsession with the truth is not winning her any favours. At least now we’re getting some classic LeeAnne, what with her casually twisting things around and spitting out accusations of alcoholism and band-aid babies to deflect.

And speaking of, Brandi continues to be the psychopath we all knew (and loved?) from last season. Her latching onto D’Andra is a clear attempt at sabotaging LeeAnne and probably a little retaliation for Steph befriending LeeAnne. Her waaasted performance at LeeAnne’s charity event was top notch along with that outfit. I’m not sure why Brandi would care on any level what’s going on with LeeLee and Rich other than it’s something to use against her, so it all looks pretty petty. She is oddly good at smearing LeeAnne in front of everyone else. I do think LeeAnne pitched out that baby marriage save as a low blow but it wasn’t as deep as Brandi was playing it off.

Turns out all it takes for me to like Stephanie is to pair her up with LeeAnne. All of the allegiances this season have taken a rotation and I’m happy that a wedge is continuing to grow between her and Brandi. She is the social mastermind of the group so I’m wondering if she’s going to throw herself into the ring at any point and take a side. I don’t see it happening but who knows. Also her sister is so intensely different it makes me see Steph as a Taylor Armstrong adjacent grifter (coincidentally both Oklahomites) who has shed her past as a hillbilly to present as a society woman.

Speaking of people I hated/disliked and now love: Cary. Oh my god, relentless truth bomber Cary is one of my favourite housewives turns ever. She’s still very background this season but her just blabbing every single thing people say about each other upon prompting (LeeAnne getting her at Kam’s dog paint party was amazing) is a beautiful strategy sure to blow up on her, as it already has a bit with Brandi. Also we finally got the return of Mark for a brief scene and got to see him in a bathrobe and calling her mom a “dish” so that was the Deuber hit I needed. His creepy advance towards LeeAnne and that awkward greeting was classic Mark.

D’Andra has relationships crumbling all over the place but it seems like things are on the mend with Dee again, of course only until she pulls some tomfoolery with the company she has once again promised over. Perhaps this is just a retread, but I died again at the Green Miracle missing one of its key ingredients. This is the L22 crisis of season two all over again! Excited to see her enter the mix next week, I am anticipating her selling D’Andra out.

Well there are my summary thoughts on the past three weeks of Dallas. Join me later as I return to my normal weekly highs and lows.

2 thoughts on “Catching up with Dallas

  1. Brandi has this hilarious tic where she reveals the full scope of her evil plans by projecting them onto Leeanne. Leeanne trying to get under Brandi’s skin by bonding with Stephanie is just code for Brandi’s evil plan to get under *Leeanne’s* skin by bonding with *D’Andra.*

    Speaking of whom, I find this truly *bonkers* D’Andra villain turn fascinating. She’s sooo messy holy shit! I guess it shouldn’t have surprised that someone who has Dee as a mother and Leeanne as a best friend would turn out to be an unstable nightmare but it did. Love Kam taking over her S2 role as Leeanne’s loyal sweetheart bestie.

    Agreed about Steph and Cary. Cary actually makes me LAUGH now for fuck’s sake where am I what is this Robyn Dixon take notes.

    Leeanne is amazing, the sky is blue, the Pope is Catholic, etc.

  2. I like that this post takes a longer, more thematic view of the season thus far. I personally am LOVING Mama Dee and cannot get enough if this magnificent, pot-stirring, candied-bacon-making matriarch. I am literally obsessed. The way she oh-so-casually rinsed a dish as she eavesdropped on LeeAnne, Kameron and D’Andra. Or the way she exposed her daughter’s emotional eating as a child in front of all her friends and frenemies. And we wonder why D’Andra is the way she is!

    D’Andra is such a compellingly dark character study because of all these Freudian family dynamics which underpin her slow unravelling. I hope Bravo do not do something foolish like fire her because she’s ‘unpopular with the audience.’ Sometimes you have to give the viewers what they *need*, and not just what they want.

    Kameron is perfection as the Voice of Reason this season.

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