Arrivederci, Juicy Joe

It appears that the epic saga of Teresa Giudice’s life has not come to an end yet.

After plenty of rumours, denials, delays, and perhaps even pleas to Trump himself – Joe isn’t getting out of this one. Radar Online is reporting that the judge has ordered Juicy Joe’s deportation back to Italy.

Now the question is: what will Tre do? Is she following him to Italy? Is she divorcing him? I assume that’s something we’ll see played out on next, next season of New Jersey. Place your bets now.

One thought on “Arrivederci, Juicy Joe

  1. Noooooooooooooo!

    I’m going to miss that drunken bum. Truly. He was never not entertaining to watch. I mean, Milania used to *shave his back* on a regular basis while Teresa was ‘at camp’ !

    … Milania and those little girls are going to miss their dad for real, though.

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