The Best of Blogs: RHOD S03E06

If you’ve got an hour to spare, I recommend reading LeeAnne’s entire 1,873-word opus (yes I put it through a word count calculator), clearly typed up as she furiously paused and unpaused her DVR.

Honorable Mention/Public Service Announcement: LeeAnne

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5. Stephanie

I don’t take anything that we have now or then for granted because I know what it’s like to eat ‘Hamburger Helper’ for dinner…sometimes without the hamburger…it was just ‘Helper’.

4. D’Andra

She was trying to enlist Cary to problem solve? Remember, Cary was her ARCH ENEMY last year!! That makes absolutely NO sense. What were they going to do, make a GoFundMe page?

3. LeeAnne

My Smashing Good Time Party was about coming together not growing apart! Instead of listening to what I am saying she takes the first opportunity she can to poke jokes at meditation and my past anger. So I had to EXPLAIN meditation and the actual THERAPEUTICAL PROCESS of Smashing Things! Seriously y’all! Google it! And NO GIRL, no one was gonna “throw plates at your head” so why even put that out in the universe? Oh, that’s right, to continue the mission of explaining to the world how you are so much better than everyone. Got it!

2. Kameron

The Global Pet Expo was such an amazing event, it was seriously the most fun experience. There were so many amazing dogs there.

1. LeeAnne

WAIT, WHAT? Did D’Andra just say in her confessional that she is “having financial trouble right now” again, I am SO CONFUSED! You have money? You don’t have money? You aren’t in financial trouble? You are in financial trouble? MY GOD I’M DIZZY!

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