The Trailer Has Landed: RHONJ Edition

With Siggy out can New Jersey continue it’s hot streak into season 9? Check out the trailer after the jump.


Season 8 was such a blisteringly fun and insane ride the bar is set pretty high for the ladies this year. New girls seem promising? Marge is a great addition and a cast trip to Turkey seems like the perfect place for some ugly American behavior. The season debuts on November 7th.

PS. Stay tuned for an upcoming ranking of every season of New Jersey very soon.

6 thoughts on “The Trailer Has Landed: RHONJ Edition

    1. Now there are two blondes! I like that they’re mixing up the cast a bit more outside of Italians. It’s going to take me a while to not recoil in horror every time I hear the name “Jacqueline” though.

  1. Ooooo I cannot wait for your NJ season rankings!

    I really, really enjoyed last season, The shorter length helped the show a lot. As did batshit-but-exhausting-to-watch Siggy. Teresa was probably at her best, too, coming to terms with her mother’s death and the fact that she can no longer stand Juicy. This season will also be 14 episodes, luckily.

    Danielle is never going to catch a break, huh. Bravo must hate her. Even with her 5-day marriage drama (which if I didn’t know better, I would say she timed beautifully to hit filming and promotion periods!), production refuses to give her Housewife status. It’s a shame too because I liked Danielle and Margaret’s blossoming friendship last year and would like to see more of that.

    I guess this year may perhaps be the most relevant Melissa has been since season 3!

    1. Spoiler alert: last season was amazing. Marge was a great addition, Siggy obviously went batshit, and I felt like Teresa really was returning to form after S6/S7 being plagued with depressing jail stuff.

      I think Danielle is too much of a nightmare to work with to get that full-time slot, sadly. She fucked things up last season by demanding her Gorga restaurant tryst be cut, and I think she got Kenya’d.

  2. The cinematics at the start of this popped OFF but the rest of it was just…. awkward. I feel like Bravo treats RHONJ so poorly but hey they’re at least up to 6 FT wives even though none of them are Danielle *eye roll*

  3. Yeah the broken glass was delightfully dramatic but it sort of petered out after that. I’m hopeful that things will continue to ascend to greatness after last season turned things around.

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