The Best of Blogs: RHOD S03E04


Honorable Mention: Kameron

I am confused…they did get in a little argument but doesn’t everyone know LeeAnne is the Queen? The real question is who is the good Queen and who is the bad Queen? Hmmmm…

5. LeeAnne

Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats because the Pageant of Bullsh– is about to begin!

I want to start off this week’s recap by stating the truth clearly. While I have worn many crowns, I have NEVER referred to myself as a queen! However, Mrs. Lock CANNOT say the same! Just scroll through her social media… Girl, you can have the title.

4. D’Andra

Of course, at the end of the day, it was just two friends joking around, but let’s be honest, people call me Queen Bee for a reason, and I have the heirloom ring and broach from Momma Dee to prove it…

3. Kameron

Again I am over it, Brandi and I are in a good place now, a really good place and I apologized for asking questions. I’ll be keeping my mouth shut next time and instead just look at something PINK.

2. LeeAnne

Now to the Pageant of Bullshit- “So with your hands…” I love when Brandi tries to stir sh– up and I just step to the side and let that ball go right past me! Like I said, I have competed in seven nationally televised pageants. You think I don’t know how to rock an introspective question? Now on to D’Andra’s answer, “I feel it’s really inappropriate to call people out… it makes people uncomfortable and I don’t like to make anyone uncomfortable” Get ready for her to CALL ME OUT and MAKE ME UNCOMFORTABLE. Maybe she actually provides her own foreshadowing? YUP! You are going to ASK me or ACCUSE ME? Let’s find out.

1. Kameron

D’Andra’s talent to me was beneath her and I left never wanting to drink from a K-Cup Coffee machine again. I literally went home and bought a Nespresso!!

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