Highs and Lows: God Save the Queen, Bitch – RHOD

Beaver Creek, Colorado continues to be occupied by the Texan terrors.


1. D’Interrogation. The big scene of the episode was obviously that dinner. D’Andra pushing and prodding at LeeAnne to reveal the reason she hasn’t set a wedding date was giving me major LVP vibes, except I like D’Andra. I’d bet my bank account balance that D’Andra knows whatever the reason is and was just trying to get LeeAnne to say it herself in front of everyone. Clearly she’s a skilled manipulator and gives literally no fucks (see: enjoy your baby and your Adderall) so it’s quite the combination when she’s on a mission.

2. Lash Nurse. Is it negging if I start off my high elaborating on why I don’t like Cary? I think Cary is angling for the witty voice of reason narrator role with her quips and jokes and it’s not a great fit. I do think she’s quite humorless when it comes to real insults/drama and that just doesn’t jive with what she’s trying to present herself as. That being said, I found her pretty enjoyable this episode when I blocked out her over the top confessional speak. Her running over to do lash duty on LeeAnne was a great cap to that whole dramatic D’Andra needling.

3. Serving looks. I love a good ratchet iconic confessional look. I won’t even mention any here because that’s a good future ranking I’d hate to spoil. The second we cut away from Cary talking in the kitchen to Cary in this moment I was trying to mentally piece together which parts of this making it so jarring. The eye makeup is obviously intense and that centre-parted Keith Urban hair was a new look but I really think it’s that busy, smeary print dress that pushes it over the edge. It all combined together into a trainwreck that I couldn’t take my eyes away from.




1. Detente. I think those sprinter vans they transport the ladies with on trips have to be the smallest space they ever fit them into and thus they are often filled with drama. While I appreciate that the ladies of Dallas are advanced enough in their housewives game that they know not to drag pointless baby-bashing fights on endlessly, I was hoping maybe we’d get something a little more explosive considering the confined space.

2. Shenanigans. I know I’m repetitive but I really am coming to embrace Stephanie so I need her to break off from Brandi so I can not hate their childish antics so much. I love childish housewives in the sense of like, a Vicki Gunvalson, who won’t share or take responsibility for her actions, but the low-brow toilet/vagina childishness seems forced.


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  1. I was astonished by how bad Cary’s confessional look was. Certainly memorable, but burned into my retinas forever. She usually looks passable in confessionals but she decided, yes mam, I want my eyes to pop out like an ugly butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

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