The Best of Blogs: RHOD S03E03

Or, rather, The Best of Beavers. Obviously our ladies couldn’t resist laying down even more beaver humor in their blogs, so enjoy this all-damming-mammal edition of #sayitforgetitwriteitregretit.

5. Cary

And our first stop; I mean, who doesn’t love a great beaver licker???

4. D’Andra

Maybe Cary is right. Maybe Kam just needs a good beaver liquor…???

3. Stephanie

Now let me just say, taking Brandi Redmond and myself to a store called “Beaver Liquors” is our dream! We appreciated our pre-party pit stop because that means Kameron Westcott is really starting to read the room and knows how to get our panties excited!

2. LeeAnne

Jump in your Jammies and let’s head to Beaver Creek! I wanted to buy like 20 t-shirts at Beaver Liquors, not kidding! Dr. Harry Beaver, you had me at Hello!

1. LeeAnne

Welcome back to this weeks episode of “There’s a BEAVER among us!” LOL

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