Highs and Lows: The Badger of Beaver Creek – RHOD

Every (good) franchise needs its own Berkshires adjacent vacation home. Dallas delivers.


1. D’Adderall rumors. Ok yes, it’s already noted that I’m anticipating and enjoying this early D’Andra villain turn, but tell me you didn’t gasp with glee when she told Cary “enjoy your baby and your adderall” about Brandi and I’ll call you a liar. I need nothing more in this life because I am complete.

2. Beaver Creek. This week’s episode title sounds like a Nancy Drew book about a mysterious ghostly badger wreaking havoc that turns out just to be some common human shenanigans. Any other ND superfans will get this. Anyway, I love a cabin. Not that a mansion like this is really a cabin but at least it looks like a cabin. This is the Bluestone Manor for Dallas. A gorgeous estate laden with intricate detail. Please invite me for the next girls’ trip I will sleep in the elevator.

3. Kameron spotlight. Aside from the chocolate dildo scandal from last season Kameron has firmly been a background character but this week we got her front and centre. Kameron meditating is all of us cracking up at your newly new-age rage monster of a friend banging on her Tibetan singing bowl. I can’t get enough of her affect and would like her to narrate my life. In general I really hate prudish wet-blanket type housewives but I find usually Brandi/Stephanie’s antics so insanely immature that I end up siding with her. Here’s to more Kam Kam in season 3.

4. That meltdown. Every minute of that fight was absurd and left 3 people fuming/sobbing for different reasons. I mean Kameron’s complaints about the surprise baby shower were obviously ridiculous but it brought out the best of ice queen Stephanie and messy Brandi so keep on keeping on. Now I’m looking forward to Kam trying to toss Stephanie out to which I assume she will tell her “tough titties.”



1. Prank twins. Ughhhh I’m finally coming around to loving Stephanie (and still do after this ep teehee) but her and Brandi together are so insufferable. I didn’t even grasp any reason for their poster prank to be funny and then they peed in their snowsuits. Hooray.


3 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: The Badger of Beaver Creek – RHOD

  1. The stubborn continuation of Brandi/Stephanie middle school hijinks is definitely a very unwelcome reminder of s1. Why couldn’t they have stayed broken up last season ugh.

    Kameron storming off *via elevator* killed me dead.

  2. Kameron is just so iconic and D’andra fills the villain shoes quite naturally, all welcome developments. Kameron’s house is easily one of the best homes in the series period. Though that’s not exactly saying much

    1. Yeah for a series supposedly watched for lifestyle porn most homes on this show are fucking hideous mcmansions. Nice to see something out of the ordinary. I guess the Westcott’s being rich as shit helps.

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