The Real Housewives of New York – Reunion Power Rankings Pt. 2

Well I feel a lot better about this week than the last.

7. Dorinda (-2)

Dorinda gives no fucks. She had her villain turn this season as the vicious drunk and she’s making no apologies for it. And yet, I didn’t see many lies. She may have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol but she’s never been arrested and charged with four felonies. The “is Dorinda a drunk?” segment was however interminable as it dragged over from part one and really just served to further dig her into the bottom of this ranking.

6. Luann (+1)

I think Luann is super lucky (smart) she’s not here at the reunion because she is being handled with kid gloves and having Bethenny speak on her behalf is an upgrade. Still, everyone agreed she was off the wagon and that she turned into an egomaniacal monster (❤️) as soon as her Cabaret took off so it was not a good performance in absentia either.

5. Sonja (-2)

Mostly getting called out for being lodged up Bethenny’s rectum and also not being someone to make any sort of drinking judgment. The day Sonja wins a reunion I will eat my hat though, so no surprises here.

4. Tinsley (-2)

Tinsley is so cute! I thought she managed to come off very charming in her short segment. Bonus points for Andy admitting how much he is a fan of Dale. I think she might survive her bestie’s departure and I really hope she does. RHONY is stacked with big fighters so you can have pleasant Tins around to give absurdly amusing solo footage and her mother.

3. Ramona (+3)

Back from the bottom! Ramona decided to sit back part 2 and only make a few comments which was a wise decision after last week’s fake tits disaster. She was the low-key star of the reunion with her reactions. Every time a package was playing she was there giggling or doing her signature exasperated eye bulge.

2. Carole (+2)

Carole had a big turn around thanks to focusing on her real issues with Bethenny and less of the petty shit. Marks off for her frustration (understandably) showing through so much making her more aggressive, and for insisting she never said anything about Bethenny on the show. Of course she made some snide comments, but nothing compared to what Bethenny was rattling off about her being a husbandless, childless, careerless puppet. I think she won out with the age-shaming and the laundry list of Bethenny’s insults to her so she sneaks up to the second spot.

1. Bethenny (NC)

Sadly, her reign continues. I don’t think she had as stellar of a performance this time versus Carole who is much more reasonable than Dorinda or Ramona. Still, I can’t deny that her Luann spokesperson role gave her an insane amount of speaking time at this reunion to call out Dorinda, and I think the footage for the packages made her fight with Carole a lot more balanced than I remember the season. She was lying through her teeth about most things, so perhaps she will get caught in one on part 3.

How did you feel about this week? Has RHONY got you depressed? I still think this is one of the best seasons ever, but I’m here for the realness.


7 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of New York – Reunion Power Rankings Pt. 2

  1. It’s so hard to judge this shit because Bethenny is like…not just gaslighting Carole but gaslighting THE WORLD, but as much as Carole loses out for the flashbacks of her mean comments (uh and her taking on Andy because she gives no fucks lmao) they were all based on actual real world shit Bethenny said or did to her, while Bethenny was…just being a fucking asshole.

    Actually this applies to the blog argument too. Yes, Carole wrote mean blogs about you…….saying mean shit about her. Meanwhile you’re out here denigrating anyone who hasn’t made a few million dollars preying on body insecurities. Bravo, you’ve really leveled the field re: supporting women.

    IDK I can’t be objective about Bethenny anymore. Honestly my main takeaway from this reunion is how surprised I am at how naturally Dorinda slots into the villain role. She may have lost the reunion and a chunk of her fans, but she’s even more of a legend in my eyes.

  2. OH AND ALSO I will never as long as I live get over Bethenny mocking Carole for having a Notes file containing her many insults when she fucking brought a PINK TRANSPARENT FOLDER of screenshots of god fucking knows what likes it’s the first day of eighth grade in 1997 and she’s worried that the other girls will know that she hasn’t listened to Sophie B. Hawkins’s new album yet

  3. I thought Carole won out this round surprisingly, it’s pretty hard to combat her reading off a list of Bethenny insults for two-minutes. And I think Bethenny pretty neatly showcased some of the exact gaslighting tactics that Carole was talking about during that same interaction lol. Plus B looked AWFUL when trying to defend the “career” and “age” comments, she’s lucky they didn’t dig deeper into the “childless” thing.

    And I know the clip has been circulating for a while now, but I absolutely live for Carole calling Andy “full of shit.” I didn’t know she had that kind of fire in her, but it’s good to know Radzi saved all her best stuff for her finale.

    I was actually thinking the same thing about a potential Tinsley return. She definitely brings a certain energy and youth (lol) to the show and I definitely don’t think we’ve gotten the full Dale experience yet, so I hope the producers are holding out for an extra season. Not to mention, I think her chances of staying increase exponentially if Bethenny does end up opting out of S11 because of Dennis, which is legitimately heartbreaking. I hope, for her own sanity, she stays far away from RHONY.

    1. Rumor has it Bethenny’s locked in for 11, sadly. I’m hoping it’s her version of Jill’s S4 where everyone just tees off on her, but doubt it.

      People online seem aghast that anyone would take on Andy but erm why? I think Andy’s a great reunion host and curator of the Housewivesverse but he himself…bleh. I’ve always found his baseline personality kinda weird and gross and exploitative (see his grin in the clip of Bethenny grabbing the phone from Carole next week) so I’m all about somebody finally losing their cool and going off on him, especially in what is by far his least objective reunion performance ever.

      1. Not to mention, Carole is Andy’s irl friend (or was. Idk how close they are anymore). That’s why I didn’t find it as egregious, since she probably just has a lower threshold for his bullshit than the rest of the girls who treat him like Housewives God.

  4. This reunion is stressful and I’m ready to not think about the state of RHONY until the Season 11 trailer reminds me that this show is indestructible. Tinsley is great though, and I expect to see her next year. I’d like to think the producers found in her what they were looking for in Kristen and Jules, and also that she’s going to deliver the Bravo’s first good pregnancy & wedding storylines lmao <3

    1. The realness of the reunion is fascinating but yes, very stressful…something I’ve sort of just been bracing myself for the last two Wednesdays. That said, I definitely got the same vibe y’all did that Tinsley will back, partly *because* the reunion is so dark. In between that ennnndless segment about alcoholism and the vitriolic Carole/Bethenny divorce, you had ray-of-light Tinsley to joke about her wacky mom and her frozen eggs. I think it really made her look good as a breath of fresh air amid a lot of venom and anger.

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