The Best of Blogs: RHOD S03E02

In which the ladies manage to get upset about such absurd subjects as a surprise baby shower and Dee Simmons’s supposed feelings.

5. Kameron

I was getting my hair and makeup done that day and I saw Stephanie post all these Insta stories with Blue Balloons and blue cake balls….posting all blue photos is not normal.

4. LeeAnne

YeeeeHaaaw! Welcome back to my personal style of TRUTH! Southern Style!

3. LeeAnne

Now let’s have a little lesson in Southern Class. In the South, women are raised to respect the women who raised us. It is a tradition and considered an honorable way to behave so I would have NEVER have spoken to my grandmother the way I just witnessed Dee’s daughter not only “go at” her to her face but worse, behind her back! LAWDY!

2. Kameron

Why hide a baby for three months without telling your close friends? And why did Stephanie lie to me about having a child with a surrogate, that is a pretty big lie? I thought these girls were my “friends” and we were “close” but apparently appearances are more important than honesty.

1. D’Andra 

I never thought Kameron Westcott would figure a mystery out before me, but miracles happen every day!

One thought on “The Best of Blogs: RHOD S03E02

  1. Kameron was considered my least-interesting housewife last year, but that blog quote is making me wonder whether the founder of SPAR KILL DOG is starting to grow on me.

    D’Andra’s zinger, damn. All hail the new queen!

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