Uhhh…Is Katie Rost Back on Potomac?

Because she sure wants us to think she is.

We here at The Bitchy Witches Enterprises, Ltd. have long dreamed the impossible dream of a Katie return, but of course have assumed it’d never happen. So we’ve contented ourselves to follow her fabulously demented Instagram account instead (she’s dating a new ginger beardo now, by the by).

Lately, though, said Instagram has been getting awfully…hinty:

Okay…maybe she’s just hanging out with Robyn, though. Who wouldn’t want to…?

Uh but wait a minute:

What possible earthly reason would these three humans have for organically spending time together? And those people behind them sure look like production. What is going on?!?!

And here she is visiting Great Falls, which the show seems to suggest might as well be Neptune:

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Great Falls, in heels

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Has Katie herself addressed all this? Well,



So there are four options here, really:

  1. Katie has somehow managed the near-impossible and secured her full return to a show that dumped her two years ago for being ultra-cagey about her life (and possibly a cokehead?);
  2. The producers, recognizing Katie’s greatness but still a little scared of her, have given her a probationary Friend Of period to see how she works it;
  3. Katie is trying to blow up a guest shot or two into KATIE ROST IS BACK BITCHES!!!!, or;
  4. Katie keeps sneaking into filmings, and the PA’s just smile and nod and go along with it as they silently beckon security over with the tranquilizer gun.

What say you, good Witches? I say that if The Secret works we’ll be blessed with at least Charrisse-level saturation of Queen Rostine on Potomac Season 4.

3 thoughts on “Uhhh…Is Katie Rost Back on Potomac?

  1. Omg!? This is legit shocking news in the best way you never thought it was possible kind of way. Surprised you missed this gem from her instagram
    https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl2Cj7PF0IK/?taken-by=mskatierost reuploaded from something Gizelle posted (!).

    She’s clearly filmed at least a couple times with the group or wants us to think that way and based off Candiace and Ashley’s supportive comments on her instagram you never know. I predict she’ll just be a friend if she’s back full time but we can hope they give her full time! We know they were thinking of 7 since Charisse was supposed to be full time until she pulled out.

  2. 😻😻😻

    I always thought Katie had the potential to bring something big to Potomac if given enough time and at least elevate it to an A-Tier franchise, so this is great news.

    She was also far ahead of her time in this group of girls. It’s nice that the producers gave the other wives a couple years to hone their craft so they’re better equipped to handle her brand of crazy because she and Ashley were the only ones playing modern “Housewives” in S1. Now everyone’s got the game down <3

  3. Oh wow. OH WOW. Queen Katie coming for guest cameo/friend of role that will elevate S4 from a 10 to an 11.

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