The Real Housewives of New York – Reunion Pt. 1 Power Rankings

What an odd reunion dynamic. What did I just watch? They all look really nice at least. Definitely a top ranking reunion as far as their fashion/glam goes.

7. Luann

* I wasn’t even sure if I should include Luann but I think the circumstances of her absence puts her as the de facto bottom ranking. After her fan-favor-winning arc she ended the (regular) season on a high note, until days before the reunion ranking it comes out that she’s being sued by her family for spending money that should’ve gone into trust for her kids and has to go back to rehab because she fell off the wagon. Also her only segment this episode was dedicated to Andy explaining how her costume was definitely blackface and how that is a bad thing.

6. Ramona

Oh Ramona, pick your battles. I totally get where she was coming from about Bethenny being opportunistic about Bobby’s funeral. 100% Bethenny knew a reunion with Jill would be a big deal and that was the deciding factor. Still, it’s a hard sell and really not necessary because Bethenny has done plenty of blatant bad this season without needing to take potshots at her funeral attendance. The fake tits jab was also so painfully bad that even Carole and Dorinda were steering clear. I do think she made her point about Bethenny not supporting her businesses considering her current bestie is Sonja Morgan, but that’s not enough to save this disaster of a performance.

5. Dorinda

The “Dream Team” were all rabidly frothing anytime Bethenny so much as breathed and while I get it, it’s not a good look. Dorinda sniping through all the Bethenny footage and tossing over potshots just looked petty and while I love petty, it doesn’t win reunion rankings. Nutcracker-gate she was clearly in the right but again sadly, poorly executed in delivery. Then the longest (or it felt the longest) segment of the reunion was dedicated to her drinking and outbursts. I’m not really sure the best way she could have spun this because it was all so messy, but probably not doubling down on her lack of a problem. And it ended on a cliffhanger for more talk, so we aren’t even done on this subject yet.

4. Carole

I think Carole clearly came off the best out of the Bethenny attack squad because she’s better at picking her arguments and obviously can speak well. Still, she started off the reunion getting a deathstare from Andy for not silencing her phone and the lack of love didn’t end there. She was trying to pin Bethenny down but Andy was not having any of the dogpile. I do think Bethenny came off at her worst when she really cruelly told Carole that they didn’t need her input, so I’m hopeful that when we dive into their dissolution next time we get more of Carole looking better against B.

3. Sonja

It’s really saying something about the above ladies that Sonja is sitting here and not at the bottom. In theory you might think that some of Bethenny’s good fortune would rub off on her since they are aligned, but I don’t think Sonja Morgan is capable of a win. I guess Dorinda looked mean calling her a kiss-ass but Dorinda always looks mean with Sonja. The fact that Sonja stuck up for Bethenny’s ravaging of her businesses and then even believed B’s twisted garbage that the other women POISONED Bethenny with that, was sooo intensely delusional and my god I love this woman.

2. Tinsley

I was grappling with how to rank the ladies because I couldn’t decide if it was worse to have been mute the whole hour or to have really bombed. And I decided really bombing was worse! Tinsley didn’t get involved in any of the Bethenny dogpile and automatically shot up to the second spot as a result.

1. Bethenny

You knew it. I knew it. This was a slam dunk for the skinny girl. For what it’s worth, I think this episode only touched on really softball issues and Bethenny will have a harder time defending her behavior towards Carole. Still, she had Andy in her pocket, and Dorinda and Ramona at their ugliest/most idiotic making it an effortless win. I think she only raised her voice one time and other wise sat back calm and smug while she got piled on. I did think she looked awful lashing out at Carole but they were small moments in a bigger dogpile, and not anything close enough to knock her down a peg.

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  1. Can’t remember a reunion in recent memory that was this… noisy? B did win this battle but the war is still on.

    Side Note: I love how B and Ramona fight hard then have little soft moments before immediately destroying eachother again. <3

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