The Best of Blogs: RHOD S03E01

It’s time to take this feature south, y’all. With the RHONY ladies under a gag order so Bethenny won’t strangle Carole to death winding their season down, their blogging slack has been picked up by the Dallas ladies. And in typical RHOD style, Leeanne is mostly carrying this shit.

5. D’Andra

As I was planning my Anniversary Party with my #RealHottHousehusband, Jeremy, it brought up my always-complicated relationship with my mother.

4. D’Andra

I wish I could blame my amygdala for my shopping problem, but alas, it’s all me!

3. Kameron

I may be blonde, but I still love science!

2. D’Andra 

Speaking of mistakes, I was mortified when I realized that LeeAnne Locken’s name was spelled wrong on her name card at the party! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a HUGE advocate for proofreading and correct grammar and spelling.

1. LeeAnne 

Why does the amygdala CONTROL my response? Because it is the “Flight, Fight or Freeze” self-preservation trigger. When your amygdala kicks in, the entire rest of your brain shuts down! All blood flow goes to your amygdala so that you can be in control of your safety. Why is mine so QUICK to respond? Simple. Because I was tortured as a child, my amygdala (normally the size of an almond) grew exponentially. This is NOT an excuse for my behavior – I am still responsible – it simply explains WHY I react the way I do! What I learned was that the amygdala made CONTROLLING my BEHAVIOR impossible. However, I discovered that by shrinking my amygdala, I could learn to respond in a different and more well-controlled manner.

I have to say, watching someone who calls herself my “best friend” laugh like a wicked witch at my attempts to better myself is not very funny. In fact, it’s downright hurtful. Let me first correct you – I have ALWAYS taken responsibility for my actions THAT IS WHY WE WERE AT THE YOGA CENTER! Now as for you making the disgusting statement “that’s not your amygdala, it’s you”, well that just shows you her utter lack of intelligence! She claims to be a “voracious” reader… Maybe she should Google a bit before she opens her big mouth!

4 thoughts on “The Best of Blogs: RHOD S03E01

  1. wdesfgh LeeAnne sis, I screamed when I saw her dissertation on the amygdala. Shout out to Kameron’s “I may be blonde, but I still love science!” making me chuckle too.

  2. I had a vision of LeeAnne Locken as a professor screaming that diatribe against a scared classroom of college freshmen

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