Highs and Lows: Your Amygdala is Showing – RHOD

Will Dallas continue its hot streak coming out of season 2? My prediction is yes.


1. LeeAnne Sunshine. Yes Leeanne, please tell me more about how you are shrinking your amygdala and therefore no longer subject to rage blackouts. That montage of her greatest hits was brilliant, kadooze to production for that one. It was the perfect hype up for the season to come.

2. D’andra’s turn. Anyone else get the vibe that this is going to be a villain season for D’andra? Maybe she’s letting the falling out with Dee get the best of her and she’s lashing out at everyone? She is on the outs with LeeAnne and based on social media, soon will be with Kameron as well. Plus I loved her gossiping about Brandi’s adderall abuse. Sign me up, I’m sure she learned from the best (Dee).


3. Serving looks. Who wasn’t captivated by LeeAnne’s instantly iconic purple talking head look? Some may call it the Grimace look, I found it to be Disney villain-esque, but whatever it called to mind I’m sure it was amazing. Combine that look with Pirate Rich’s eyepatch and they’d look straight out of a cheesy spy movie.

4. Deestroyed. I don’t think I even need to tell you how amazing Dee was at the anniversary party. Blowing in to talk passive aggressive shit non-stop about how awful and boring the party is and how it’s a surprise D’andra is even married or happy. This is what happens when you fuck up on the L22, D. The keys are rescinded and your mother continues to ruin your life forevermore.



1. Babies Bruin everything. No more baby footage. No more women weeping over babies. I get it, it’s a big deal in Brandi’s life but man could I not care any less for it. I briefly thought it was nice to see adoption represented on the show (although heaven forbid she get a POC baby) since there is so much IVF and surrogacy with these rich bitches, but that was erased by like the third baby scene.

2. Cary Deuber. In the off-season I really forgot just how bad she was. I think the Deubers are obviously a positive force for this show as far as drama and entertainment goes, but I really, really cannot stand Cary. Showing up to that coffee date with LeeAnne already with an attitude, wearing her scrubs as if she’s running around injecting botox in the middle of filming a reality TV show, and just continuing to ride her high horse. LeeAnne’s destruction at the reunion should have been the end of things. Hopefully she gets knocked down a peg this season because I can’t handle two consecutive Cary victories.

7 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Your Amygdala is Showing – RHOD

  1. A dark D’Andra season is upon us. On her recent reddit AMA, LeeAnne said she was closest to Kameron of the girls so that’s… telling. We already know D fights with Kameron too and D’Andra herself said “this year was tough”. I’M HERE FOR IT THOUGH. S2’s shifting alliances was great so I’ll take more of it.

    The Deubers are awful but I kind of liked Cary’s cunty attitude at the dinner? The blunt “Yes, I don’t like you or anything associated with you” vibe she gave off towards LeeAnne at lunch is a good heel turn considering back in S1 she was on the verge of a breakdown all the damn time during confrontation.

    Too many baby scenes for sure. Keep them short and sweet Brandi, we want you to be the hellspawn you were born to be in front of cameras not… try to be Supernanny.

    Also I really want Stephanie to go up against LVP for some reason. Could you imagine the emotional and strategic manipulation they would employ on eachother?

  2. Evil D’andra is a welcome plot twist, but Stephanie is still the ~true~ evil i kind of lived for her changing Brandi’s life forever by finding a red haired baby to match her family then cozying up to LeeAnne just because ^_^

    This season is going to be great I can feel it I love this whole cast, even Cary.

  3. Finally caught up on the Dallas premiere! Loving the new season. Dee terrorizing D’Andra was wild. It seems Mother Dee is leaning into the overbearing parent character – a wise character choice, indeed.

    You guys, I don’t know; I’ve always really liked Cary. (I’m fully prepared to be the guy with the unpopular opinion, hence why I’m still a total Nene apologist.) I think she’s dry and judgmental, with which I totally identify. Also I find her much more forthcoming and honest than LeeAnne. And I never thought she was being fake before; I just assumed hating someone’s guts and smiling in their face was called being polite. But what do I know?

    Bruin’s a beautiful blessing and I don’t need not one more scene of him for the rest of the year, kthanksbye.

    1. Man, I thought I was the only person on earth who liked Cary! Her wit is super dry and self-deprecating, even when it dents her standing with the audience. I found her coming from an honest place in her talk with LeeAnne, whereas LeeAnne was scenery-chewing to the hilt. It’s cool — I get that LeeAnne is the put-upon crazy queen of this franchise. I just can’t help but enjoy Cary’s contribution.

      1. I welcome the dissenting opinions because I don’t hate Cary enough (LVP, Bethenny, Gretchen levels of hate) to not hear out a case on why she’s good.

  4. Brandi 1000% adopted Bruin so she could have a positive storyline to soak up whatever inevitable psychopathic evil she perpetrates. P.S. specifically adopting *a ginger baby* to match your coven of gingers is unsettling above and beyond having to adopt a white baby, but on the other hand I don’t recall seeing Bryan for a single second in any of the Bruin scenes so small blessings I suppose.

  5. So D’Andra is meant to be the big bad this season? I’m not seeing it quite yet — exposing Brandi’s sketchy Adderall usage is not villainy in my book! LOL watching Real Housewives all these years has totally screwed with my moral compass.

    Surely the Alexis Colby of this show is the magnifique Dee Simmons, aka Tammy Faye Bakker, who got herself a drop-dead gorgeous professional walker and proceeded to bitch to him all night long about her daughter. RHOD may be the lowest rated RH show, but it is the soapiest. This episode reminded me of early 90s All My Children, and D’Andra’s party stepped it up to 80s Primetime with its Southfork/Oil Baron Ball vibes.

    The contouring make-up on all these women’s VTs is Elvira-level scary. D’Andra had a moment when she was make-up-less before the party, and I gasped out loud. She looked so young and ethereal!

    I didn’t mind Brandi and little Bruin, but I am done hearing about pink Sparkle Dog for a second straight season.

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