Highs and Lows: Guess Who’s Arguing at Dinner? – RHONY

This episode actually was not the sinking ship to be featured on this Colombian vacation.


1. Dual duels. RHONY is so good that they literally can’t even capture all of its goodness because it’s happening simultaneously. Legitimately like 20+ minutes of this episode takes place during this dinner from hell and its aftermath. I love the two fights going on at the same time and the editors did an A+ job cutting back and forth between them to catch the best bits. The Carole/Bethenny fight was predictably infuriating but I’ll get into that later.

2. Righteous Ramona. I loved Ramona of all people trying to keep the peace and comforting Luann. She was straight up with Dorinda that she went too far, but didn’t get overly invested in their fight. Is this the renewed Ramona I’ve been waiting 10 seasons for? Lol nah, I’m sure she’s a week or two away from destroying Luann’s bad parentage or something so for now we shall just enjoy the balanced, supportive of women, good friend Ramona.

3. Drunken mess. Does Dorinda drink too much? Probably, don’t we all? Did she go way too far on Luann? Yes. Is this anything new? No. Christmas Dorinda might bring wholesome joy to your life, but she’s been raining unholy drunken terror down on people her entire stint on our television screens. Remember when she went off on Heather Thomson for swearing too much in Turks and Caicos? Her iconic “CLIP” brunch from just last season? She’s always been a messy, belligerent drunk and I love her even so. If some one-month “sober” friend of mine with four felonies started condescending to me about drinking (no matter how right they are) I would react the same way. Don’t poke the bear. At least she was vindicated with that Lu sobriety prediction… I’m of the position that most relationships with alcohol are probably to some degree unhealthy (especially on RHONY!) so I get bothered by the high horse-age of her fans suddenly turning on her.


4. Post pop-off. I am admittedly reeeeaallly identifying with Dorinda this episode because I have definitely gotten blotto and blurted out some of the mean things you think but don’t say about your friends when they push your buttons. But especially so, I identify with Dorinda slamming back more wine solo after everyone has been avoiding the awkwardness of whatever ass you’ve made of yourself. The red lipstick smeared on her face is iconic. Here’s your reality tv, folks. We have all been Dorinda. I’m sure that if she got any of that on her dress she would’ve been fine, though.



1. Bethenny Island. What an exhausting human being. At least Dorinda has alcohol to blame for her bad behavior, what’s your excuse, B? She’s literally exhausting me through my screen and I’m just lying in bed watching television. We pick up with her continued panic attack and then to her milling about like a weirdo during shopping. The only person making thinks awkward is you! Your jokes aren’t funny, they’re passive aggressive. You could easily go home and stop ruining the trip for everyone if you feel so miserable and isolated. I get it, everyone is full of knives and trying to kill you. I respect the ladies just giving no fucks and not catering to her constant meltdowns anymore. Congrats B, you’ve reached “a case of the Vicki’s” status in your histrionics. Of course it isn’t a RHONY S10 episode if there isn’t a frustrating as hell Carole/Bethenny argument to be had. I was particularly pissed off when she accused Carole of being too cool to feel anything. Just because people are not publicly crying and using their wounds to manipulate pity does not mean she isn’t upset about the dissolution of the friendship!! I think Carole nailed it in all of her talking heads about the gaslighting, toxic energy and using her tears to manipulate.

Now let’s drown these bitches next week.

4 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Guess Who’s Arguing at Dinner? – RHONY

  1. I like/relate to Dorinda *because* she is equal parts warm/witty/charming and an unstable mess, so I appreciated this performance. Believe that if you condescendingly inform me I’m ~about to TURN~ then yes I’m gonna turn I’m gonna fucking turn on you fuck you!!!! Ahem.

    For real, though, as much as Doris went below the belt, Luann 100% goaded her, and honestly both should apologize. Much as I love Lu, let’s not forget…well, the entirety of her tenure on this show and pretend she’s some wronged angel here.

  2. “In the past, Bethenny has had an ally to console her. And many of us now have been in situations with Bethenny where maybe she hasnt been so kind, so we’re less tolerant to being compassionate.”

    Hail Dorinda and her razor-sharp, yet compassionate, insight into people’s psyches. Especially Bethenny’s. It’s not that she doesn’t feel bad for Bethenny, it’s that she knows her game. We all know Bethenny’s game now.

    And the guilt-trip she is pulling on Carole is unreal. I think Bethenny is genuinely devastated about the dissolution of that friendship, just like Jill was with Bethenny at the end of S3. But i also think that a part of Bethenny is feeding on this rejection with glee — the idea of victimhood warms and empowers Bethenny as keenly as it does Kyle Richards.

    1. Yeah, we have 10 years of exposure to Bethenny’s psyche between RH, her show (which I will never watch) and of course her obsessive documenting on social media (which I will never follow).

      Much like Kenya, we can easily trace back each trauma and wound that has made you this way thanks to the endless torturous therapy scenes. The fact that she hasn’t improved one iota in the past decade through her great rise just goes to show that nobody ever really changes. The sympathy has been running thin since her return in S7 but it’s finally completely kaput.

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