Housewives Casualty Alert: Radzi Out

Alert Elton John: we’ve lost a princess.

Carole announced her (somewhat unsurprising) exit from RHONY today. This being Carole, her statement is of course replete with passive-aggressive jabs at Guess Who, including “I’m thrilled to leave frenemies behind” and “I will remember this entire experience with delight, humor, and a veracious accuracy.”

We Witches have to admit we’re a bit sad to see Carole go, given her recent resurgence after a couple of dull seasons, but if the early reports from the reunion are accurate at least she’s going out on a triumphant note.

How will y’all remember Writer Girl? Sound off, kids.

13 thoughts on “Housewives Casualty Alert: Radzi Out

  1. This time last year? I would’ve said good riddance. It’s bittersweet for me now. Carole has never needed the show but I hate this feeling like Bethenny wins. I mean, of course Bethenny wins because she’s so vested in RHONY that it had to be Carole who goes.

    1. Yeah, I was all ready to punt the useless Carole of S8/9, and now I’m like…ugh. It’s the ending that makes sense for her for sure, so it’s not a total Bethenny victory, but…ugh I just wanted B out so bad haha.

  2. It hadn’t even hit me that she’d been in the game for six years! This was a long time coming but she’s put in her work as a housewife, especially for someone who’s “above” the show. And I’m glad she’s departing as The People’s Princess (to a certain correct subsection of RHONY viewers).

    But yes, the only way I will be truly happy with this news is if Bethenny also announces her resignation, which this isn’t exactly a good omen of. Fingers crossed that the reunion destroys Bethenny to the point of no return.

    P.S. I will never not laugh at “Writer Girl”

    1. Yeah I need Bethenny gone. But they’ll probably just cut Tinsley too (ugh) and rebalance by casting a Bethenny friend. If indeed such a thing exists anymore.

  3. I’m surprisingly devastated by this information. I’ve loved Carole ever since she first appeared in S5, all the way from her #friendsgoals relationship with Heather to her effortless trolling of Lu. (I’m one of the few who love S5.)

    My love affair with Carole hit a rocky patch during S8 but I can tell now she was just a little moon reflecting the light from Bethenny’s gas giant star.

    I’m concerned about the implications for the reunion and next season. I get the strong impression that Bethenny ran Carole off this show at the reunion. I said it months ago but Bethenny’s specific set of skills serve her spectacularly well in a reunion setting; meanwhile, the only thing about Carole’s reunion performances are her outfits. Further, if Carole is gone then with whom will poor Tinsley film? Aunite Dorin? Double down on Sonja time?

    1. Yeah I have the same fears. On the other hand, whenever we get around to ranking the RHONY seasons, you’ll find that we share your high opinion of S5 (although no RHONY seasons are bad, of course).

    2. St Barts is better than Scary Island. The saga of Tomas is the greatest thing ever. Come at me, I dare you. Ok actually I don’t know if I’m 100% committed to this opinion but it is certainly in my mind close enough for consideration. Love S5!!

      1. Y’all’s approval is worth more to me than my own’s mother’s approval (maybe because I’ll never get hers #metookenya).

        Slutty Island > Scary Island because Slutty Island has Lu.

        Finally, thank you all for ignoring the various typos in my original comment. I blame the happy hour champagne and not at all the fact that I haven’t been to an eye doctor in 3 years.

  4. So the golden years of RHONY are officially over. I’ll miss Carole. Her Housewives stint was marred by moments of obvious villainy, but she was a great fit and usually very pleasant to watch. Ive never enjoyed her more than this season though. She packs a punch and has given “B” a (marathon) run for her diet-sangria. If she gives her one last good one at the reunion, this pill will be easier to swallow. Here’s hoping…

    As for Bethenny: I’m tired of watching her and talking about her. I don’t want to watch a season of Bethenny mangling Ramona or Dorinda as retribution for their daring to take her on. God help me if she has a full-time housewife on her side. I find her power over the show exhausting and her intolerable fans make it worse. They leave no room (in discussing the show) for her hypocrisy and general bad vibes. All this is to say that I don’t have high hopes for next season.

    1. Yeah, as much as I’m resigned to Bethenny’s continued irksome presence, I don’t really see where her story goes from here. As for her fanbase…woof. LET GO people your hero is a morose, whinging energy vampire.

  5. There are rumours that Bethenny had production fire Carole, but something about the tone of Carole’s press announcement says to me she left on her own terms. This season has been her emancipation. She has no fucks to give, and what a blessed relief it is to watch a woman comfortable in that and knowing her own mind. No way was Bethenny going to get the better of her or make her second-guess herself. That is why no reconciliation is possible.

    I worry for S11 though, and especially my girls Dorinda and Ramona. Because my theory is that Bethenny is the new Jill Zarin. And S11 will be like S4. That ego is going to be out of control, and Bethenny is going to make Dorinda and Ramona pay for siding with Carole. The difference is that back in S4, production was done with Jill and happy to expose her toxicity and send her packing. This time around, it feels like Bethenny has actual power over production. I worry what that means for we the audience (seasons 8 and 9 were unwatchable imo), the other women, and the show.

    1. Yeah, it might have been a firing, but I too am inclined to think Carole just up and quit; it’s in her character. She was clearly only on this show for fun, and when it stopped being fun (and good Lord is there *anything on Earth* less fun than having to absorb Bethenny’s eight million misplaced coping mechanisms) she was always gonna be out.

      I too sorta had S4 Jill on the mind when Carole quit, especially once I watched this week’s ep and saw Carole just sort of give up on all the bullshit. It was very reminiscent to me of Bethenny telling Jill, yknow, you win, congrats, you drove me away. I actually liked 8 and 9 a great deal (even though I too have extremely low tolerance for Bethenny) but when she gets into this zone of self-indulgent misery I cannot bear her (loathed her S7 performance for similar reasons). I don’t really know what to expect from S11 though. I’ve never not enjoyed a RHONY season, so I’m keeping an open mind, but the cast dynamics could lead to an OC12 situation where half the cast just can’t be arsed to film with somebody, and justifiably so.

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