Introducing: the Real Housewives of Johannesburg

Right? Who knew.

Okay, the trailer isn’t very dramatic, but we’re hoping it has the same beautiful, goofy-accented histrionics that the other Southern Hemisphere franchises have given us.

The Housewives include:

  • Mother and daughter(!) and Herbalife ambassadors(!!!!!) Evodia and Mercy;
  • Spa owner Brinnette, who, promisingly enough, once had a public argument with her ex’s new flame at a funeral;
  • Naledi, “a former Miss Botswana Second Princess” (proud of u girl), who is married to someone or something called “the Naked DJ” I guess;
  • Christall, an aspiring singer and only white cast member, so, you know…touch of Kim vaan de Zolciak energy up in here; and
  • Busisiwe (“AKA Lendy” and you’d better believe my OCD ass is itching to know what name she’ll actually go by on the show), a golfer raised in England who seemingly has no other biographical information available online so take from that what you will.

We may or may not be recapping this depending on, you know, whether we can actually watch it by means legal or illegal. But regardless it launches August 3rd, so if you represent any of our 69 total views from South Africa (nice) please do give us your two cents!

2 thoughts on “Introducing: the Real Housewives of Johannesburg

  1. Busisiwe went by Lendy on the show, and Evodia went by “Madam” (mah-dahm). Evodia’s voice sounds like Pettifleur.
    There were 3 (!) friends of
    Christall (like Zolciak) couldn’t sing a damn note and her storyline was the flies spotted in her home during a dinner party
    Main beef = Evodia, Christall

    Brinette (who was preparing for her wedding most of the season) alledgaly stole an SUV which became a major hot topic.

    Reunion = H-O-T mess with Madam walking off, literally changing into a tracksuit and getting in one of the friend of’s face. Lerika (main friend of) sat on the end table next to the right couch lol


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