Highs and Lows: Wigging Out – RHONY

Finally we have arrived in Colombia. This week we see what happens before the ship sinks.


1. Cheers etiquette. It was a quick moment and you might have missed it, but Ramona demanded Carole look her in the eyes when she cheersed her. Carole told her it was creepy. I personaly could not think of anything less creepy than staring into Ramona Singer’s eyes even though I would likely be absorbed inside of her from their gravitational pull. Her introduction to the chef was great as well, managing to make a food request and give herself a compliment about her agelessness all in one is a skill.

2. Wheeling around. Uh, god bless Ramona? Physical comedy is a bit rare on Real Housewives other than Vicki Gunvalson, Luann in the bushes, or a variety of people recovering from plastic surgery. Ramona got it right with the wheelchair, though. Every single moment of her being carted around in it, to dropping it off when they got to the bar because she just didn’t feel comfortable in it was perfection.

3. Red scarf hysteria. Alright let me say this first: yes of course Bethenny is right. I wouldn’t trust a single man willing to be filmed for RHONY or any real housewife franchise as having pure intentions. That being said, she was a grade A cunt about it. Think about it, she’s already got in deep with this Adam operator business, and now she’s cutting down the new guy that Carole likes. Her whole presence this episode was intensely jagged and the way she got into it with Carole at dinner was…

4. Delivery. Luann may have thought those flowers look like a funeral display but I thought it was so quintessential Tinsley. It looked like one of those dumb promposal kind of things kids do these days which makes total sense since Tinsley is a teenager trapped in a 41 year old body.

5. No fucks. Dorinda taking a fake phone call while Bethenny tried to ream her out was great. She is well beyond cowtowing to B and wasn’t going to give her an inch. Bless her for repeating what she said for that is why we watch this show.


1. Vacation at Tiffany’s. Giving the ladies personalized Tiffany’s necklaces may have been genius to avoid the room selection fight, but it was bad for tv. We were robbed from seeing Ramona break character as “woman with a sprained ankle” and run from her whelchair perfectly fine to go piss on the best room. Oh also it’s one of those disgusting wealth displays that makes me want to destroy the world.

2. Allergic overreaction. Some of this may be a response to things read elsewhere and not the episode directly. No it is not Ramona’s responsibility to remember Bethenny’s allergy to fish. No she didn’t purposefully poison her with the soup, no matter how badly I wish she did. And acting like you are so adverse to medicine that you can’t even pop a fucking Benadryl is typical Bethenny histrionics. That cut to her rolling around on the bathroom floor and everyone else giving no shits? Same.

3. Negativity personified. I can’t imagine going on a trip with Bethenny because she is a literal dementor sucking the fun and joy so hard it is even happening to me through my television screen. I rolled my eyes right out of my head during hers and Carole’s squabble when she tried to act like saying “it’s not that deep” is too hip for a 50 something woman, because uh…it’s fucking BETHENNY who constantly does that shit. Also for someone who supposedly is so “real” and pulled herself up from nothing, she’s a real snob about the accommodations. If she can’t stay in some sterile, character-less luxury villa she isn’t having it. I have no sympathy for her anxiety attack because almost all of her stress minus the Jason stuff is brought onto herself. Oh no you have to move from one luxurious apartment to another? Boohoo. Oh no you work too much? You’re worth a gajillion dollars – retire and never work again. Shut up, shut up, shut up!!! is basically where I’m at in my Bethenny viewing.

6 thoughts on “Highs and Lows: Wigging Out – RHONY

  1. IDK, I kinda lived for B just having her own Scary Island moment while everyone else seemingly gave no fucks. I cackled the most at Dorinda just straight telling Tinsley B hates the house though.

      …are we going shopping, or what?

  2. After +3 years of seeing Bethenny destroying professional and personal reputations on a whim (see: Luann S8, for no other reason than she didn’t want Lu to land a wedding special before she did), I feel absolutely vindicated by this week’s episode. My God, is Bravo finally holding her to account?

    THIS is how Bethenny has always been — a spoiled child throwing a tantrum if people are having fun because NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO HAVE MORE FUN THAN HER. Carole is a snobby bitch, but I’m not surprised she grew weary of B’s Me-Me-Me histrionics.

    I do feel for Bethenny in the sense that it must hurt when a BFF falls out of love with you. The spell is over, she sees you for everything you are — and she doesn’t like what she sees. Carole’s indifference is harder for Bethenny to bear than her anger — but B is doing everything wrong in her attempt to get Carole to notice and pity her. Carole ignores her and feels nothing.

    The other reason Bethenny is having a complete breakdown is that she no longer exerts iron control over these women or over the trip like she did last year. Although Production did help her out during this episode by giving her 95% of the VTs — an unpleasant reminder of last season’s ‘All Bethenny All The Time’ Show, when everybody played small supporting roles to Bethenny’s every word and thought vomit.

    These NY housewives were bound to rebel, though. Pretty much all of them are Legendary Stars in their own mind (and IMO they are not wrong!). Nobody wants to take orders from and kowtow to a dictator. Ramona was the first to revolt, as was Dorinda, and now the jig is up. The emperor has no clothes. Bethenny’s house of cards [(c) Giner, RHoMelbourne] has come crashing down, because whatever fear she used to rule over these women no longer has any power. They simply do not care.

    FYI — she is signposting to the group all her issues so she can go postal next week and then blame it on panic attacks/moving apartments (which somebody else is doing for her!)/court date with Hoppy.

    Sorry for the LONNNNG ass post. Feels good to let it out, lol.

    1. Ummmm preach? Bethenny’s playing this all wrong, which is wild, because she started her return in such a strong position. The thing really is control–she could get by so easily just being there, floating around giving talking heads and advertising her stupid brand and picking up a fat check. But no, she has to be the star, the fan fave, and punish anyone who’s not onboard with that.

      The problem is…punish them how? Ramona’s been in the public eye for a decade, during which she’s had some huge villain moments (Bluestone Manor vandalism! Gouging out Kristen’s eye!) including ones directed specifically at Bethenny (Brooklyn Bridge! Stolen dresses!) and she’s still standing. At this point Ramona’s fanbase isn’t gonna abandon her for being bitchy SOME MORE to Bethenny; in fact, if online reaction is any indication, people liked her MORE for The Phone Call From Hell.

      Meanwhile Dorinda is perfectly willing to lose a few fans if it means finally getting a hit in on someone she’s never liked, Tinsley could be fired at any time and thus has nothing to lose (and Bethenny has barely ever even acknowledged her anyway), and Carole, having seen what Bethenny’s like when you’re not in with her, will never sign on for that personality again, and clearly doesn’t really give a shit about the politics of the show or her reception among Bethenny’s deranged fans.

      It’s really the perfect storm, and while I don’t imagine Bethenny will leave the show over it (though she should, but I can’t imagine my wildest dreams coming true like that), they’ll have to cast someone new who will put up with her for next season if they want the group to cohere on even a basic level.

      1. Carole TBF was cheering Bethenny on when she went after Luann, so for a while there, she had no problem with B’s Cujo methods. But I see your point that it must have slowly sunk in for Carole that most of Bethenny’s friends end up fired — because she basically treats them like expendable employees. I see zero difference between the way B talks to her actual paid workers and her ‘friends’ — she only ever talks about herself. Bet Carole now wishes Bethenny hadn’t run Heather off the show!

        You are so right, it is a perfect storm of elements coalescing against the big B. And she really has only herself to blame. Season 7 she played it pitch perfect. But Season 8 it was like she pulled off the mask, and there’s no going back from that. I wasnt even that big a Luann fan before, but Bethenny was so dreadful to her that I became one, lol. Bethenny used all the platforms available to her (the show, social media, her Sirius radio show, WWHL) to go after someone who… what did Luann do? Dare to want to be happy with a bald womanizing schmuck? I’m still trying to figure out what she did to deserve that level of vitriol. Let’s not mention the taunting and thin-shaming of Jules, who was actively and pretty courageously wrestling with anorexia. I cannot imagine — after the poor audience reaction, and Sirius pulling the radio show, and even Andy Cohen distancing himself — why Bethenny did not take some time off to re-evaluate. But she just refused to believe the audience had fallen out of love with her. In some ways, that’s why the other women on this show are good for her. These housewives are not Yes Men. They won’t tell her what she wants to hear. Dorinda has lost some fans this season but imo Dorinda listening to Bethenny’s breakdowns and being truthful to her about her behaviour is an act of true kindness. Alas, anything other than sycophantic worship, and Bethenny will probably interpret Dorinda’s talking heads as betrayal.

        But this karmic fall from grace… it all makes for riveting TV! This is arguably the best season of RHONY since seasons 1-4.

        1. Yeah, shit like Bethenny’s treatment of Jules (and yes, Carole was part of this, and I was not a fan for the last couple year at all of either) shows what she’s really all about: undermining the others in their weakest point, whether it’s justifiable or not. The ladies have all cottoned on to this, which is amply evident from their blogs.

          Great season, though, yeah. Probably in my top three.

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