Highs and Lows: Dating Wishes and Cabaret Dreams – RHONY

Better late than never, sue me alright I’m sorry, I’m not perfect! Don’t have much to do with the wives before their big cast trip? No problem, send them to a speed dating event. Magic ensues.


1. Flashback savagery. The producers were relentless with the ladies’ delusion this week. First they flashed back to Lu uttering death threats to the police officer when she claimed she didn’t have criminal intent with her drunken debacle. The real gem though was when Tins claimed she’s a southern belle and needs to be wined and dined and they took us back to her shoving her tongue in Scott’s mouth about 5 minutes into their first date.

2. Flirty Ramona. As someone who watched Ramona Singer on Love Connection, I am a big fan of Ramona interacting with men romantically. I loved her immediately asking the guy with a non-Anglo name his nationality because aside from having GU (geographically undesirable) red flags, I’m sure she has ethnic ones too because…uh yeah lol. The guy’s “American” answer was perfect. No lie though, I wish I was as confident as Ramona Singer is. Ramona Singer gives absolutely zero fucks what anyone thinks and goes hard. She was pursuing Mr. Red Scarf and flirting and actually you could see how she’s charming when she isn’t being a total lunatic. She also looking smoking. Whatever work she had done last season settled in and I think she dropped a few lbs (not that you need to Momo you are always beautiful!!) and she is looking better than ever. I did like her listing off the few places in America worth traveling to (Aspen, Palm Beach, LA, Hamptons) and him just going “oh yeah the usual” because of course Ramona would never go anywhere else. I’d rather date Ramona than Bethenny, and I’m not even saying that from a severely biased place. Look at how Bethenny’s relationships burn up. Ramona is an independent woman with an adult child who likes to have fun. Win/win.

3. Sonja dating. Not to let Ramona take all of the spotlight, Sonja was in top form at the speed dating. She just strolled in asking a man if she smelled like mothballs since this is an old Valentino she’s wearing and I was waiting for her to namedrop some Prince she last wore it with. Also complimenting the creepy dom dude’s “ruddy red skin” killed me as well. Hopefully she did not go home with awkward face groper spanking dude because that guy made my skin crawl in all the wrong ways.


1. More Skinnygirl Jeans. Does Bethenny even have a solo storyline this season? The PR thing was quick and seems to have moved to the background and now it’s all about Skinnygirl jeans, except all she can do is keep delivering pairs to Sonja since she’s the only one filming with her. Snooze.

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