What’s Eating Luann de Lesseps?

Everything seemed to be coming up Countess of late: new boyfriend, successful cabaret, glowing public reception of her slipping her handcuffs and threatening to end a police officer, etc. But suddenly the empire is collapsing…uh, again. Shocking updates await!

First comes the news that Luann is being sued by the Count and her children. Seems her recent holiday with the old fam was actually an attempt to butter them up before she sold her Hamptons house, because oops! She actually bought that house in the first place with money that legally was meant to go into a trust for Noel and Victoria.

Per Page Six, the kids are devastated and pissed. And of course you know Ramona, now nearing a full decade of openly questioning Lu’s parenting skills, is gonna throw this all in her face at the reunion. Except, oops again! Luann has checked back into rehab and will not be attending the reunion!

Yes, we know, we’re all praying for the Countess in her time of need that has nothing to do with avoiding difficult questions about her family and legal woes. And never fear, she’s in good hands, as she “has only authorized costar Bethenny Frankel to speak on her behalf.” Wait what.

In any event, we here at BW Enterprises would love to know what you think will happen with all this mess, and which prayers you’re praying for our beloved heroine.

One thought on “What’s Eating Luann de Lesseps?

  1. There have been like a dozen different LuAnn things that I’ve decided were “what the entire franchise has been leading up to”, but I now see that the real answer is Bethenny being granted a conservatorship over her. I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only person whose first thought was to look forward to Ramona telling all at the reunion. <3

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