OC S13 Taglines Are Upon Us!!!

Ranked subfold, my friends!

6. Shannon: Some people say I’m too much to handle; I say I’m just getting started.

No lemons? No organic truth? I didn’t sign up for a normie-ass Shannon Beador tagline.

5. Emily: When you come from humble beginnings, you count your blessings…one diamond at a time.

You can hear the precise moment when she realizes she’s laying down a boring goody-two-shoes tagline and hurriedly tacks on some nonsense about diamonds.

4. Gina: I speak the truth, even if it sounds funny when I say it.

She doesn’t even have a top twenty most ridiculous Housewives voice, but I’ll give it to her.

3. Vicki: The fun bus is leaving, and this time I’m in the drivers seat.

But is its love tank full?!?!

2. Tamra: I’m still the hottest housewife in Orange County—and the toughest, too.

Now this is how you do a callback, Gizelle.

1. Kelly: Call Animal Control, ’cause theres a cougar on the loose in the OC!

Dodds gonna Dodd.

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