The Best of Blogs: RHONY S10E13

The holiday break has given our Big Apple Housewives extra time to ruminate/become embittered about the last episode. Join me sub-fold in celebrating the only good thing American culture has ever produced.

But first! Ramona, per usual, dropped a late blog brutal Luann takedown for Episode 12, prompting Luann to react with her own very late blog in response. Whose side are you on, Ramona‘s:

I was friends with Tom way before Luann ever met him. Fact: Luann knew I was dating Tom, yet she went against girl code and never shared she was also dating Tom with me when she knew I was. Luann purposely withheld this by her own admission to me.

What girl does that to her friends? Obviously she showed her true colors.

or Luann‘s?

Ramona doesn’t see a problem with what she did, although she apologized like she always does (100% insincere). Not only was holding this party tacky, insensitive, and disrespectful on Tom’s part, it showed complete disregard for me and my feelings. The ink was not even dry on our divorce! You would think Ramona would have realized how this would hurt me, but she went ahead and did it anyway. The best part is Tom said “NO”…LOL.

Moving on to this past week…

Honorable Mention: Carole

Am I the only one who loaths yoga?

5. Luann

Remember, be cool; don’t be like Ramona.

4. Carole

If I saw Luann’s ex-husband out with another woman while she was in rehab, would I text Luann and tell her? No. That’s a full stop NO. Hell no. Never. #helltotheno

3. Tinsley

Going wedding dress shopping is FUN. I make absolutely NO apologies for it. And having a mother who still thinks the most fun thing in her world is looking at wedding dresses with her 42-year-old optimistic, hopeful, romantic, idealist daughter is a blessing.

2. Carole

By the way, my late husband’s family crest was granted to them by the Holy Roman Emperor in the sixteenth century. Now that’s a name to drop.

Their crest is very impressive with lineage and royalty and all sorts of symbolism, but to me it looks like a squealing chicken.

1. Carole

As a mother of two kitties and a pup, I was horrified to learn what triggered the domino effect that landed Luann in jail. It was the cat.

If only Luann loved cats, none of this would ever have happened. If not for the pussycat Luann would have stayed at Julie’s apartment, they would have ordered Postmates and spent the night drinking and laughing about how crazy the past year had been. Had I really married Tom after all those warning signs!? Cheers to us and to a great new year!! Instead she turned her nose up at the kitty, went to the Colony to meet her age-appropriate polo player, downed three to ten martinis, got frisky, got on the elevator, got off on the wrong floor, and, well, the rest is reality history.

Literally, at every turn in that story you can blame it on the pussy.


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