The Round-Up: Acting Up

In which nobody’s exactly on their best behavior.

  • Gonna go ahead and leave the full URL here because it’s a must-click: Come for her drinking a mysterious liquid from a paper cup, stay for her “barking orders” at deaf volunteers.
  • The RHONJ S9 finale party evidently featured a physical altercation between Mr. Margaret and Mr. Danielle, culminating in a pool toss. Make. DANIELLE. MAIN CAST!!!!, you fools.
  • That is, if there even is a New Jersey cast after this year: rumor has it that Bravo’s gonna can RHONJ in favor of filming Teresa with her apparently soon-to-be-deported husband in Italy once the ever-lovely ICE boots his ass from the States. Sure, whatever.
  • So here’s a real shitshow: Tamra and Shannon went on Heather McDonald’s podcast and, well, talked a lot of shit. For instance, that Jim Bellino is a fraudster whose trampolines are death traps. As well we know, Jim Bellino does not take such allegations lightly, and has fired off letters of cyst and decease and threatened to sue the ladies. Meanwhile, Tamra also commented that Lydia McLaughlin’s husband needs to “come out of the closet,” whiiich as people have pointed out is kinda sorta hypocritical given, uh, all of recent RHOC canon whoops. Fortunately she can explain herself: 225554cc-ea9f-46b8-b6f3-46c270577bd4
  • Kim Zolciak’s attempts to redeem herself have been predictably disastrous, evidently, leaving the future of Don’t Be Tardy in jeopardy. In other news, Don’t Be Tardy has been on for seven seasons(!!!!!).
  • And finally, and most lamentably, Kenya Moore appears to have run out of moves on her three-dimensional chessboard. Following reports that Kenya hadn’t actually been fired, but was rather engaging in a venomous game of chicken with Bravo—accompanied by a public show of support from Kandi—the door has been slammed. Bravo has now taken the unusual and bitchy step of commenting directly to Radar about Kenya’s termination, saying that they “look forward to welcoming new housewives and telling new authentic stories for season 11.” Ouch. Of course, this is Kenya we’re talking about, so the beat goes on

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  1. That Tamra/Shannon podcast is so messssy apparently Heather asked to come back and Bravo declined? Lmfao.

    Heartbroken to learn about Marge and Danielle omg 🙁

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