Ranked: The Highlights of Ramona Singer’s Lip Sync Battle Cameo

Oh yeah Melissa Gorga was there too,

5. Informing a clearly nervous LL Cool J that she’s about to attempt a rap-adjacent song, all the while clinging to him as if he were the last balding middle-aged man lingering at the Regency bar at closing time.

Screenshot (1472)

4. Somehow managing to sneak in an insult about Luann no longer being a countess, riffing off a single throwaway comment by Chrissy Teigen, in an event that had nothing whatsoever to do with Luann, the day following an actual RHONY episode in which Ramona endlessly tormented Luann about her divorce and subsequent arrest, and in what was not the first incident of her insulting Luann, apropos of nothing, in the presence of Melissa Gorga.

3. Somehow managing to perform lip syncs of “Milkshake” and “Oops! I Did It Again” while clearly knowing no words beyond the respective choruses of either song.

2. Clarifying for Melissa just what it is that makes New Jersey special.

Screenshot (1474)

1. Stealing yet another outfit from a professional event. Queen of hustling~


Thank GOD we have a 60-year-old beauty here to inspire and support women, Bethenny.

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